Department of Geology




Iftar and Duaa Mahfil

Faculty Members List: Department of Geology

Picture Name of Faculty Designation Degree Phone Email Profile
Dr. Kazi Matin Uddin Ahmed Professor & Chairman PhD PABX ext 7300, 7301 (W) +880-1711-846-840 (cell) View
Mustafa Alam Professor PhD 01912043328 View
Dr. A S M Woobaidullah Professor PhD PABX 9661920 ext 7309 (W) 011032932 (cell) View
Dr. Hussain Monsur Professor DSc PABX 9661920 ext 6023 (W) 9670462 (H) 011-811252 M View
Dr. Muhammad Qumrul Hassan Professor PhD 9670957 PABX ext 7310 View
Dr. Syed Humayun Akhter Professor PhD PABX ext 7314 (W) 880-1552-423-975 (cell) View
Dr. Md Shohrab Hossain Professor PhD PABX 9661929 ext 7315 (W) 8621073 (H) View
M. Aziz Hasan Professor PhD PABX ext 7320 (W) 01552392145 (cell) View
Dr. Muhammed Azizul Huque Professor PhD PABX ext 7321 8610386 (H) 01552-423-969 (cell) View
Md. Humayun Reza Professor MSc (DU) 880-2-9661900/7318 View
Dr Subrota Kumar Saha Professor Ph.D (Paleobiodiversity) Tel. 880-2-9668109, Cell 01711482872 View
Dr. Chowdhury Quamruzzaman Professor Ph.D 880-2-9661920-73 Extn 7325 View
M. Saiful Islam Associate Professor MPhil +8801712294642 View
Md. Zillur Rahman Associate Professor M. Sc.(ITC, The Netherlands) on study leave +8802 9661920-74,Ext. no. 7301 (Work) View
Tanzeer Hasan Associate Professor MESc.(Canada) 01552412197 View
Dr. Md. Bodruddoza Mia Associate Professor PhD +88-01818240937 View
Md. Anwar Hossain Bhuiyan Associate Professor PhD (Geophysics) +8801792626708 View
Sanzida Murshed Assistant Professor M.S. (DU) 01816522335 View
Md. Mostafizur Rahman Assistant Professor M.S. (DU) on study leave +447448487028(UK); View
Sarmin Sultana Assistant Professor M.S. (DU) +880 2 9661920-73, Ext-7311, 7301(work), View
Md. Ashraful Islam Assistant Professor MTech. (On study leave) +8801816522334 View
S.M. Mainul Kabir Assistant Professor M.S. (DU) +8801911491216 View
Md. Jahangir Alam Assistant Professor M.S. (DU) +880 1717 433 433 View
Dr. Mahfuzur R Khan Assistant Professor PhD (USA) +8801816433092 View
Janifar Hakim Lupin Lecturer M.S. (DU) +8801687269268 View
Nazia Nawrin Lecturer M.S. (DU) +8801671330263 View
Shakhawat Hossain Lecturer M.Sc. (Chulalongkorn University) +8801672760972 View
Md. Yousuf Gazi (মোঃ ইউসুফ গাজী) Lecturer M.S. in Geology (University of Dhaka) +8801797262364, +8801818060068 View