Faculty Members List: Institute of Health Economics

Picture Name of Faculty Designation Degree Phone Email Profile
Dr. Syed Abdul Hamid Professor & Director Ph.D (University of Sheffield) M.Sc. (University of York) +8801711441437 s.a.hamid73@gmail.com View
Dr. Sushil Ranjan Howlader Professor Ph.D 880-2-9661900/8642 srh.ihedu@gmail.com View
Dr. Shamsuddin Ahmad Professor Ph.D +880-2-9661900/6447 suaihe@yahoo.com View
Mrs. Nahid Akhter Jahan Associate Professor +880-2-9661920-73, Ext.8641 n.a.jahan@ihe.ac.bd View
Dr. Nasrin Sultana Associate Professor PhD 880-2-9661900/8653 n.sultana@ihe.ac.bd View
Mrs. Sharmin Mobin Bhuiyan Associate Professor 880-2-9661900/8654 sm.bhuiyan@ihe.ac.bd View
Suman Lahiry (on study leave) Assistant Professor M. Phil. in International Community Health from the Department of General Practice and Community Medicine, University of Oslo, Norway s.lahiry@ihe.ac.bd View
Shafiun Nahin Shimul Assistant Professor MSS in Economics (DU), MSS in Health Economics (DU), PhD in Economics (Uni of Nebraska-Lincoln) Tel: +88 02 9661900-73. Ext: 8644 s.n.shimul@ihe.ac.bd View
Suzana Karim Lecturer BSS in Economics (California State University), Masters in Health Economics (DU) +880-2-9661920-73, Ext.8641 suzana_karim@yahoo.com View
Moin Uddin Ahmed Lecturer BSS in Economics (University of Dhaka), MSc Economics (Stockholm University) +880-2-9661920-73, Ext.8641 moin.ahmed.ihe@du.ac.bd View
Farah Ishaq Lecturer BSS in Economics (DU), MSS Economics (DU) +880-2-9661920-73, Ext.8641 farah.ishaq@ihe.ac.bd View
K.M Nafiz Ifteakhar Tulon Assistant Professor BSS in Economics (DU), MSS Economics (DU) +880-2-9661920-73, Ext.8641 n_ifeakhar@ihe.ac.bd View
Rafia Rahman Assistant Professor +880-2-9661920-73, Ext.8641 rafia643645@gmail.com View
Taslima Rahman Assistant Professor BSS in Economics (DU), MSS Economics (DU), Master in Health Economics (DU) +880-2-9661920-73, Ext.8641 taslima137@yahoo.com View
Md. Azhar Uddin Assistant Professor BSS in Economics (DU), MSS Economics (DU) +880-2-9661920-73, Ext.8641 azhar.uddin@ihe.ac.bd View