Profile of Mr. Ashim Dutta

... Name Mr. Ashim Dutta
Designation Assistant Professor
Last Degree M. A. in English Literature from University of Dhaka.

Research interests

'Ante-bellum American literature Romantic poetry

Modernist poetry European existentialist literature

Eastern thought Rabindranath Tagore.'


1. Title: “Romantic Poetry and Its Uses in Today’s World”

Journal: Spectrum , Journal of Department of English, University of Dhaka, Vol. 5,

June 2007


2. Title: “Camus’ Meursault – Martyr for Truth” (Jointly with Neelima Akhter)

Journal: The Dhaka University Studies, Journal of Arts, Vol. 64, No.1, June 2007

3. Title: “Tagore’s Vision of God in Raja

Journal: Philosophy and Progress, Dev Centre for Philosophical Studies, University of

Dhaka, Vols. 41-42, June-December, 2007



Sing Tagore Songs

First Class First (Music) in Final Certificate Examination of Chhayanaut, 2004


Awards and Achievements

Achieved the following Gold Medal Awards in the 43rd Convocation (February 2007) of University of Dhaka because of securing First Class First position in MA (English Literature) examination, 2003:

a)Fazlur Rahman Memorial Gold Medal, 2003

b)Khan Bahadur Aziz Uddin Ahmed Memorial Gold Medal, 2003

c)Justice Ameer Uddin Ahmad Memorial Gold Medal, 2003