Profile of Mr.Milton Kumar Dev

... Name Mr.Milton Kumar Dev
Designation Associate Professor
Last Degree B.A.(Hons), M.A.

Mr. Milton Kumar Dev

Associate Professor

Department Of History

University of Dhaka

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Tel       :+880-29661920-73-6210 (office)

            :+8801712-553932 (cell)

Fax      : +880-2-9667222



1.       Research Interest:

          Ramakrishna Movement: Bangladesh and world

The Educational Vision of Vivekananda

Economic History of India under Colonial rule Peasant Movement.


2.       Education:

          Ph.D, (On study). Thesis topic: Ramakrishna Math and Mission of Bangladesh Services on Religion, Education and Humanity.

          M.A; (First class), History, University of Dhaka, 1999

Hon’s, (First Position, 2nd class), History, University of Dhaka-1998

          Military certificate course; (Junior and Senior), Bangladesh National Cadet Core DU (1997-98     )

          Basic Course, Bangladesh Rover Scout, DU (1998)

H.S.C; (First Division), Humanities, Habigonj Brindabon Govt. College. 1995

          S.S.C (First Division) Humanities, Sultanpur High School, Brahamanbaria, 1993


3.       Experience:

          Associate Professor of History, Dhaka University, (2015 to Now)

          Assistant Professor of History, Dhaka University (2007-2015)

          Lecturer of History, Dhaka University (2003-2007)

Part time teacher, Department of Marketing, Dhaka University, (2006-2008) (2010-12)

Part time faculty, University of Asia Pacific, Daffodil University, IBAIS University, Dhaka. (2009-2010)

          T.A BRAC University, Dhaka (1999-2002)

House Tutor, Jagannath Hall, Dhaka University (2005-2014)


4.       Publications:  

          Dev, Milton, and Samad, M, (2014), History of Bangladesh, 1905-2005,(Dhaka Bishwabidyalaya Prakashani). ISBN: 9789843384720




1.       “Protection of Environmental Standards for future Generation: A Historical Analysis,” Published in the Journal of Sociology, Dhaka University, Vol. 6 issue 1, 2013 (English)

2.       “Rural Indebtness in Bengal, 1930-1940”, Published in the Arts Faculty Journal Dhaka University 2015 (Bangali).

3.       “Peasant class of Bengal during the East India Company Rule” Published in the Journal of Bangladesh Historical Studies, 1415-1416 (Bengali).


4.       “Some Aspects of Rangpur Peasant Uprising” Published in the Arts Faculty Journal, Dhaka University, Vol 2 and 3, 2008 (Bengali).


5.       “15th October, A Tragedy day of Dhaka University Published by the Registrar of the University of Dhaka, 2007 (Bengali)


  1. “Godess Durga and Some History” Published in the Trinoyani, a Journal of Puza Prishad, Sylhet, 2006 (Bengali).


7.       “Jagannath College and Education in East Bengal” Published by the Department of History, Jagannath University, 2003 (Bengali)


8.       “Divine Power Durga: A Historical Overview,” Published in the Brahmmasantani, a Journal of Ramakrishna Sevashrama, Sylthet, 1423, (Bengali)

9.       “Vivckannanda and the Renaissance of Bengal” (accepted for Publication in the coming issue of Philosophy and Progress, Dhaka University) (English)


10.     “Vivekananda and the Youth of Bengal” (accepted for publication in the coming issue of Perspective in Social Sciences, Dhaka University) (English)


11.     “Vivekananda in Bangladesh”, accepted for publication in the next issue of Probhodhan a journal of the RKM, Dhaka (Bangali)


5.       Teaching:

          Course Involvement

  1. Economic History of India under Colonial Rule (M.A)
  2. Armed Resistance Movements (M.A)
  3. Nationalism and National Movements (M.A)
  4. Mughal Rule in India (Hon’s)
  5. History of Bengal (Hon’s)


6.       Awards:

          1. Ph.D Fellowship, University Grants Commision Bangladesh, 2016

          2. Academic Roll of Honour, awarded by the Dean, Faculty of Arts, Dhaka University, 1999

          3. Certificate of Merit, awareded by the Chairman, Deptt. of History and the Dean, Arts faculty, Dhaka University, 1998  

          4. Sheuli Memorial Trust Fund Scholarship, History Department, D.U. 1998

6.       Glod Medal awarded by Mr. Alek  Khan for distinction  marks in Secondary School, Brahmanbaria 1992

7.       Awarded 7 certificates as the recognition of success from school to University in various events of social and cultural programmers.


7. Personal Information:

Citizen                  : Bangladeshi

Date of Birth        : 10 August 1978

City of Birth         : Brahmanbaria

Fathers Name       : Sachindra Dev

Mother’s Name    : Putul Dav