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Name                            :           Monirul I. Khan



Contact address            :           Monirul I. Khan

                                                Professor & Chairman

                                                Department of Sociology

                                                University of Dhaka

                                                Telephone :  9661920 -59  (ext - 6587)

                                                                     e-mail :

                                                                      cell: 01715835464


Educational Background

Ph.D. in Sociology, Delhi School of Economics, 1991.


M.Phil. in Sociology, Delhi School of Economics, 1987.


M.S.S. in Sociology, (Secured First position in First Class) Dhaka University, 1981.


B.S.S. (Hons.) in Sociology (Secured First position in First Class), Dhaka University, 1980.



Occupational Affiliation


2000 November to date, Professor, Department of Sociology, Dhaka University. Teach courses on Rural Sociology, Advanced Sociological Theory, Social Statistics and Economic Sociology at the post-graduate, graduate and under-graduate levels


1994 to October, 2000   Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Dhaka University. Teach courses on Rural Sociology, Advanced Sociological Theory,        Social Statistics and Economic Sociology at the post-graduate, graduate and under-graduate levels. Supervise research monograph at the graduate and post-graduate levels. Participate in curricula development, student welfare and development activities besides wide ranging administrative responsibilities.


1994 to 1997  Sociologist, ICDDR,B - BRAC Joint Research Project, with full time and part time engagement with the employment of ICDDR,B (description of the tasks carried out provided in the following under the section ‘Research & Consultancy experience’).


1993 -1994   Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology,       Dhaka University.


1985-1992  Lecturer, Department of Sociology, Dhaka University.


1984-1984 Lecturer, Department of Sociology, Rajshahi University.


1983-1983 Research Reviewer, Rural Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Project, UNICEF-DANIDA, Dhaka. Examined reports on drinking water supply and sanitation in urban and rural areas of Bangladesh. Summarised findings on selected issues.






Published Papers and Working Papers

1. Rural Development and Rural Poor in Bangladesh : Critical Evaluation of a Contemporary Approach, Social Science Review,  University of Dhaka, Dec., 1985.


2. Changes in the Agrarian Structure of Bangladesh, Dhaka Vishavidhalaya Patrika, (Bengali Journal of Dhaka University)  June, 1986.


3. The Process of Technological Change in the Agriculture of  Bangladesh : Its Relevance to Mode of Production, The Journal  of Social Studies, July, 1991.


4. Peasant Society : A Conceptual Essay, Samaj Nirikhon,(Bengali Journal of The Centre for Social Studies), No. 41, 1991.


5. Irrigation and Agrarian Structure with Special Reference to Labour in a Village of Bangladesh, Irrigation Issues in   Bangladesh, R.L.Sarkar & W.H.M.Jaim (eds.)

   RDA & Winrock International, Dhaka, 1991.   


6. Violence in Bangladesh Society : Its Fallout on the Process of Democratic Transition, Bangladesh in the Nineties,  Ifteqharuzzaman A.(ed.), Bangladesh International Institute for Strategic Studies,1991.


7. Landless Irrigation and Social Relations : A Study on the Social Impact of a BRAC Programme,  Social Studies,   Vol.6, Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee, Dhaka,1991  (mimeo).   

8. Social Organisation in a Peasant Society : The Special Context of Bangladesh, Samaj Nirikhon, ( Bengali Journal of The Centre   for Social Studies ), No. 43, 1992.


9. Peasant Economy and the Rural Areas of Bangladesh, Samaj  Nirikhon, ( Bengali Journal of the Centre for Social   Studies),No.44,1992.


10. Peasant Culture, Samaj Nirikhon, ( Bengali Journal of The  Centre for Social Studies ), No.46, 1992.


12. From Public to Private Ownership : A Minor Irrigation Case, FMIS, International Irrigation Management Institute, Colombo.


13. The Concept of Class and the Agrarian Structure of Rural  Bengal, Rajniti Arthaniti Journal ( Bengali Journal of the  Centre for Political Research ), No.2, 1992.


14. Power Authority and Politics in a Peasant Society, Samaj Nirkkhon,(Bengali Journal of the Centre for Social Studies)  No.48,1993.


15. Methodology in Sociology and a Research Design, Samaj  Nirikkhon, (Bengali Journal of Center for Social Study) No.49,1993. 


16.Agrarian Structure in Rural Bangladesh : Implications of Polemical Findings and Views,  Journal of Social Studies, July, 1995


17.A Development Programme and the Poor in Rural Bangladesh : Implications for Social Relations,


Social Action, The Journal of Indian Social Institute, Delhi, January-March, 1995


18. Land and Peasantry under Late British Colonialism, Economic & Political Weekly, November 11, 1995, Bombay.


19. Production & Marketing Processes among the Dairy Households in a Village of Bangladesh, Grameen Foundation Trust, PRPA Working Paper 004, December, 1994.


21.Cultural Construction of Health & the Institutional Measures of Change in Rural Bangladesh : The Cases of the BRAC Village Organisation and the ICDDR,B MCH-FP Programmes in the Selected Villages of Matlab, Working Paper 14, BRAC-ICDDR,B Joint Research Project, 1996.


22. Agricultural Technology in Bangladesh in Bengali, Samaj Nirikhan, (Bengali Journal of the Center for Social Studies), February, 1997.


23. Simple Solution to a Simple Task, Review of Oral Therapy Extension Programme in Bangladesh by Mushtaque Chowdhury & Richard Cash, Journal of Social Studies, 1997


24.Survival Strategy of the Rural Poor, Research Summary in ‘Nirjash’ (Bengali), BRAC, Volume 4, February, 1997.


25.Commerce Among the Dairy Households, Research Summary in Bengali in Grameen Trust Research Abstract, Edited by Dr.Yunus & Dr.Hashemi, 1996.



26. .An Inventory of the Development Programmes by Government and Non-Government Organisations in Selected Union of Matlab, Working Paper Series 17, BRAC-ICDDR,B Joint Research Project, 1997.


27.. Marginalisation Of Women’s Empowerment And The Role Of  Household In Rural Bangladesh : The Case Study Of Brac’s Micro-Credit Programme, Social Science Review, Dhaka University, December 1999



28.  Social Stratification in Bangladesh, published by the Bangladesh Encyclopedia Project, Asiatic Society, April, 1999..


29. Assailing poverty and patriarchy : How does small money fare? Working Paper 29, BRAC-ICDDR,B Joint Research Project, 1998.



30. Anthropological Perspective of Health Research in Bangladesh : Current Status and Future Options, Paper presented in the FORD sponsored Anthropology workshop in July, 1999 and organised by the Anthropology Department, Jahangirnagar University .This paper is published in an edited volume, edited by Prof.Nurul Alam, Anthropology, JNU.




31. Environment and Poverty in Bangladesh, published in Journal of Social Studies, February , 2004.


32. Does Approach Matter in Poverty Reduction – Book published by Academic Press and Publishers Limited, December, 2003



33. Social Exclusion and Tea Workers in Bangladesh, Published in Eastern Anthropologist, India, December 2004.


34. Poverty Status of a Critical Wetland Area – Published by IUCN, 2005.


35. Food and Nutrition Intake in Rural Bangladesh: Some Evidences of Improvement, Social Science Review, December, 2005.


36. Home Delivery Practices in rural Bangladesh : A Case of Passive Violence to Women, Paper presented at the National Conference of Jahangir Nagar University, supported by SCSD, April, 2006. Published in Bangladesh e-Journal of Sociology, Vol3. No., 2006.


37. Challenges in Constructing the Sociological Concept of Poverty,  published by Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI University), Nagarjuna Hills, Punjagutta, Hyderabad-82, in a executive reference book called  "Urban Poverty: Causes and Measures". 



38. Book: Peasant Society in Bangladesh, in Bengali, published by  Dibaprakash, 2001.


39. Process of Institutionalization of Sociology in Bangladesh: Can it be Theoretically Addressed? Published in Bangladesh e-journal of Sociology, Vol 2, No 5, 2008, July.


40.Contraceptive Use in Matlab with a special focus on condoms: Socio-economic correlates and future implications, Journal of Health and Population in Developing Countries, 2001, 4(2), pp:16-22


41. Theoretical Pluralism, Sociology and South Asia, Social Science Review, 2012, December issue.



42. Social Changes in Contemporary Bangladesh, Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh (Hum), Vol 58/2, 2013.




Additional Research

1. Prepared the National Child Labor Survey of Bangladesh 2013. It is a national document, conducted by BBS-GOB & ILO. As a part of regional survey (Vietnam, Philippine & Cambodia), it is done.  2015.




2. Preparing report on the 25 years of signing of UNCRC. It encompasses the progress and challenges in the field child rights establishment in Bangladesh. Commissioned by ASK and Save the Children Fund.   It also compares South Asian region performance.  2014.



3. Investigating child labor among the indigenous peoples in Bangladesh, commissioned by ILO, Dhaka. 2013.


4. Mapping exercise of the garments federation functional at the national level and basic union at the plant level in the garment sector.  The study was commissioned by ILO, 2012. 



5. An exploratory study on the rag pickers in Dhaka, it is for ASK, (Ain Shalish Kendra), 2011.


6. Study on trade union in Bangladesh for ILO. 2011



7.  A study on Madhupur Law Suits among the Garo for RDC, 2010.



8. Preparing a campaign document for ILO to motivate the GOB and other stakeholders to adopt the ILO convention 138, on minimum age for employment, 2009. 


9. Impact of micro-credit on health and nutrition in five districts (Narshingdi, Rajshahi, Jessore, Sylhet, Sunamganj) in Bangladesh for  Institute of Microfinance (INM) supported study. 2008.    





10. Review of urban poverty for Coalition for Urban Poor (CUP) in order to advocate the issue of urban poverty for updating in the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP), 2008..   



11. Evaluation of the Human Rights & Legal Services (HRLS) program of BRAC, which is operated in 61 districts of Bangladesh, 2007. BRAC opened a new program following this study



12. Developed a paper on decentralization and local governance in South Asia for InterCooperation and Swiss Development Cooperation. Provided strategic direction of the upcoming Local Governance project of SDC, 2005. 



13. Conducted a study on RMP phasing out in rural Bangladesh, 2005 for GOB.


14. Preparing a report on Poverty and Nutrition in Bangladesh for WorldFish, 2005.


15. Study on Unwanted and Mistimed Pregnancies and Birth in Bangladesh, for UNFPA, 2005. 


16 Studying the post MFA effect on the garments industries of Bangladesh 2005, for BGMEA.



17. Prepared the overview of the country papers of nine CIRDAP countries on poverty programs, strategies and policies. It is a part of the program CIRDAP’s Silver Jubilee celebration. 2004.





18. Survey on 200 selected garment industries of Bangladesh in the wake of the end of Multi Fibre Agreement under GATT of WTO for ILO , 2004. .


19. Guideline for Social Development Foundation, Social Assistance of World Bank. 2002.




20. ILO sponsored study on the Study on the linkages between the employed mothers and child labour for ILO, 2000.



21. Developing concept paper on rural poverty, hard core poor, poverty alleviation programme in rural Bangladesh for Bangladesh Government and NGO Collaboration (GNCC), 1999. .




22. Regulatory framework for the country’s NGOs/MFIs for World Bank and Bangladesh Bank, 1998.


23. Household survey in Dhaka Metropolitan Area on Child Domestic Worker. 10,000 households from 14 municipal wards, for Save the Children Fund (UK) 1997.




:           USAID fund through Winrock International, USA, Post Graduate  Fellowship, Aug. 1986 - Feb. 1991 to pursue M.Phil and Ph.D. at the Delhi School of Economics .