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Mohammad A. Momen

It is an immense pleasure and honour for me to not only continue the legacy of IBA, but to take it forward. While the whole world is going through an unprecedented crisis like no other, 2021 marks a number of milestones for Bangladesh. From a bottomless basket to one of the fastest growing economies in the world, achieving the status of a middle-income country, celebrating the centenary birth anniversary of our Father of the Nation, the golden jubilee of independence of Bangladesh and of course 100 years of the University of Dhaka. While we boast about all these celebrations, it brings with it great responsibilities and challenges. At IBA, over the past more than 50 years, we have embraced the challenges in the way we teach, share knowledge and conduct research. Our core objectives remain clear, we are driven by a shared purpose of producing business graduates who are ready and willing to face the transformative changes in the world; be it technology, agility or uncertainty.

Our graduates have been leading large local corporates and MNCs within the country and abroad through their entrepreneurial spirit and their desire to drive business transformation. However, in todays ever changing global business landscape, disruption is the new normal. Every technological advancement brings reactions that trickle down to the workplace. To thrive in this ever-evolving reality, the world needs business leaders who are flexible, adaptable, agile and ready to deal with an uncertain future. Under these circumstances, the role of IBA in producing employable graduates with the appropriate skills and knowledge and high-quality exploitable research are more critical than ever. In order to achieve these objectives, IBA emphasizes on building and strengthening a sustainable partnership between academia and industry, accreditations and international collaborations with higher educational institutions ensuring effectual knowledge transfer. In our effort to international collaboration, we are expanding our partnership with global Universities in USA, Europe, South East Asia and Australia.

Among our faculty of 30+, we are proud and fortunate to have faculty members who excel in both research and teaching. Educated at renowned universities around the globe, they are committed to providing students with a top-rate business education. Many of them also have significant commercial and industrial experience. Our growing community of more than 3900+ alumni over the fifty years represent an immense resource for the Institute. With a presence in every sector and continent, from the Members of Parliament (MP) to Ministers to CEOs of large local and foreign conglomerates to world class entrepreneurs in both large scale industries and prominent startups, our students benefit from this vast network giving them access to information, industry mentors and job opportunities. We, at IBA, take pride of our faculty, staff, students and alumni who are not only shaping the future of business, but serving the community and country with compassion and integrity.

Prof. Mohammad A. Momen
Director, IBA
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