The Department of Population Sciences was established in 1997 under the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Dhaka in collaboration with UNFPA with a view to create a cadre of trained person-power for the nation by developing skills and creative judgments in individuals for understanding and effective management of population issues through a multidisciplinary approach. Earlier, this department had offered a two-year professional degree program which was named as ‘Master in Population Sciences’. The department started offering B.S.S. in Population Sciences from 2011-2012. Each year 25 students are admitted in this B.S.S. Program. Besides different academic programs such as MPhil, PhD, Short term Certificate Programs and Diploma in Population Sciences Programs are also offered from this department. Each year 75 students are being admitted into this MPS Program. The department conducts and arranges different national level researches, national and international conference world population day, symposiums, workshops beside its regular academic activities. This department has a library containing more than 5,500 books and advanced computer laboratory. A set of core faculty having 16 permanent teachers and a set of adjunct faculty having 4 external teachers are involved in teaching different courses under the department’s regular academic activities.