Name of Hall:  Kabi Sufia Kamal Hall
Head of Office:  Dr. Sabita Rezwana Rahman
Designation:  Provost

Welcome to Kabi Sufia Kamal Hall !

The dawn of educational excellence saw the  emergence of a new star on the horizons of University of Dhaka-Kabi Sufia Kamal  Hall; the Hall is not just another residence, but a premiere institution by  itself, having a glorious legacy. Carving a niche for itself, it is preparing  to give the nation a galaxy of luminaries who will excel themselves at national  as well as international fora. Spread over more than 7 acres,  Kabi Sufia Kamal Hall boasts of a rich infrastructure. The red brick building  surrounded by sprawling lawns and colourful garden provide an idyllic setting  for academic pursuit in a comfortable affairs.

  The Kabi Sufia Kamal Hall for  Women is by and large a self-sustaining residence for women. It was inaugurated  on 14Th November 2012 by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina,  Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh along with Professor Dr. A A M S  Arefin Siddqiue, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, University of Dhaka. Dr. Nilufar Nahar,  Professor of Chemistry, University of Dhaka was present as the first Provost of  this Hall. This women hall was named after Begum Sufia Kamal (20 June 1911 – 20 November 1999) who was a Bangladeshi poet and activist.  She was  an influential icon for women empowerment in the independent Bangladesh.

  The House with extensive lawns  can accommodate upto 2000 residents  and is existing its own glory with two spacious multi-storeyed  student residence namely – (1) ‘Pradipto’ and (2) ‘Prottoy’. It has a separate administration building namely ‘Prottasha’ and house tutor residence  called ‘Profullo’.

  Former Provosts

  1. Professor Dr. Nilufar Nahar (27th  April 2010 to 26th April, 2016)

  Description: Administrative Structure


  Professor Dr. Sabita Rezwana  Rahman               (27/04/2016 - )

  House Tutors                                                      Joining  Date

  1.  Shamim Banu                                                  (26/07/2012  - )

  2. Fahmida Sultana                                              (26/07/2012  - )

  3. Shaonti Haider                                                 (03/04/2013  - )

  4. Afroza Bulbul                                                  (07/04/2013  - )

  5. Dr. Mohsina Akhter Khanom                          (26/04/2016  - )

  Assistant House  Tutor

  6. Tahmina Yeasmin Shova                                 (26/07/2012 - )

  7. Sayma Khanom                                                (26/07/2012  - )

  8. Manika Chakraborty                                        (13/12/2012  - )

  9. Sharmin Akhter                                                (03/04/2013  - )

  10. Dr. Gawsia Wahidunnessa Chowdhury        (03/04/2013 - )

  11. Asmita Alam Sammi                                      (23/09/2013  - )

  12. Rebeka Sultana                                              (23/09/2013  - )

  13. Munira Sultana                                               (12/06/2014  - )

  14. Chinmoye Sikder Popy                                  (15/06/2014 - )

  15. Dr. Tahmina Islam                                         (21/10/2015  - )

  16. Sadia Afrin Chhanda                                     (21/10/2015  - )

  17. Elora Sharmin Ela                                          (26/04/2016  - )

  Part time Physician

  Dr. Razia Rahman

  Administrative Officer

  Ms. Jannatul Ferdous


  Total Staff (43 Persons):

  Number of class III (Non-technical staff) -- 08

  Number of  class III (technical staff)         -- 04

  Number of fourth class employees           -- 30



Students  (July 2014 to June 2015)

  Number of Students:

  Resident students:                                                                  --2000

  Non-resident attached  students:                                            --1300

  Total number of students attached to the Hall                      =3300


  Students, who are attached to this hall and need a seat to live in the  hall, need to apply following a formal procedure. Seats are allotted every  year, after thorough scrutiny of applications following the established rules  and regulations set by the university. Students are allocated seats on the  basis of merit. However, four guest rooms and one sick  room are there to accommodate needy students who need emergency support.

  Administrative  activities:

  The hall is governed by the dynamic Hall Provost  through an exceptional team of House Tutors/Asstt. House tutors. However, the  Hall Provost distributes most of the administrative duties among the house  tutors, assistant house tutors, but it is habitually accomplished by teamwork  of all. The overall responsibility of each floor in the Hall is distributed among  the House Tutors/Asstt. House tutors based on number of students. House  Tutors/Asstt. House tutors visit their respective floor frequently and also sit  in House Tutors office thrice in a week to perform desk work

  Hall library:

  Kabi Sufia  kamal hall library has inaugurated officially on 27th April, 2016 by  Professor Dr. A A M S Arefin Siddqiue,  Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, University of Dhaka. Hall administration always tries to  keep the library up-to-date as far as possible with its limited resources.  Every year, hall purchases new books in consultation with all the House  Tutors/Assistant House Tutors, as well as keeping in view the requirements of  the students of various disciplines.

  Hall reading room:

  The reading  room of the hall is very helpful for the students. Daily, weekly and monthly  Bengali and English newspapers and other magazines are kept here for the  students.


Hall lounge/Television room

  Kabi Sufia  kamal Hall has a well-furnished lounge with television for the entertainment of  the students.

  Hall sports:

  Annual sports competition

  Each year, Annual  sports competition is held on regular basis in the Dhaka University play  ground. Annual Sports of the Hall was first held  on 25th Janary 2013 in a befitting manner. It was inaugurated  by  Honorable Vice Chancellor, Professor  Dr. A A M S Arefin Siddique and prizes were distributed among the winners by  Pro-Vice Chancellor (Adminastration) Prof. Dr. Shaheed Akhter Hossain.

  Indoor sports Competition

  The indoor sports  competition is organized by the hall in the hall lounge each year.

  Debating  Club:

  Kabi Sufia  kamal Hall Debating Club (SKDC) is the official organization of Kabi  Sufia Kamal Hall. The debating club has launched its journey on 7th March, 2013. SKDC is  powered by a number of talented, enthusiastic, devoted and hard working members  and coordinators. SKDC has been continuously participating in  various debate championships inside the country. From the very beginning of its  journey in 2013, it has been established as one of the most progressive and  popular debate club in the debate arena of the country.

  Kabi Sufia  kamal Hall Debating Club (SKDC) is the leading student Club of Kabi Sufia Kamal Hall and  it is strongly supported by its Provost and club moderator Mrs. Shaonti Haider.

  Literary and cultural activities

   Along with the educational curriculum, the Hall authority renders much emphasis  in literature, culture and sports for the students of Kabi Sufia kamal Hall.  Each year the residential and non-residential students of Kabi Sufia kamal Hall  participate in the literary and cultural week. Prizes and certificates are  distributed amongst the winners. Well known celebrities also increase the  exhilaration of the occasion.

  Observance of National Days:

  International Mother Language Day  (21st February), Independence Day (26th March),  the Bangla New Year on 1st Boishakh,  National Mourning Day (15th August), Intellectuals Martyr Day (14th December)  and Victory Day (16th December) are observed each year in this  Hall in befitting manner with proper dignity and solemnity.

  Religious Programs:

  Kabi Sufia Kamal Hall regularly  observes the religious programs such as Sab-e-Barat, Sabe-e Kadr,  Eid-E-Milladunnabi etc. in befitting manner, maintaining religious sanctity. A  Milad mahfil is observed on the occasion of Holy Eid-E-Milladunnabi.  Improved quality of food is also supplid to  the students on Eid days. During the month of holy Ramadan, special care is  taken in order to ensure better quality food for those who are fasting. Apart  from this, Saraswati puja is also celebrated and the Vice Chancellor, Pro-Vice  Chancellor, Treasurer, Provosts of different halls and the university teachers  visit the idol at the hall premises and enjoy the cultural activities.

  Prayer Room

  There is a room for offering Salat. The  students can offer Salat here at their convenient time. 

  Laundry  and tailoring facility

  Hall authority has arranged laundry and  tailoring facilities keeping in mind the needs of the students.


  Others facilities

  There are one co-operative store, one medicine corner, one cyber cafe,  photocopy facility, one beauty parlour inside the Hall. Student can purchase  necessary items at the time of emergency. 


  Hall Garden

  Every year various seasonal flowers and other trees are planted in the Hall  garden.

  Food and Canteen facility

  There are two canteens run on  private/individual initiative. The Hall Authority also takes care of those  canteens on regular basis to maintain the hygiene and quality of food.

  Ranger Unit

  Ranger unit of Dhaka University has been established in 1973. The ranger unit  was established comprising of the enthusiastic students of two Women’s Halls of  that time. Ranger unit of Kabi Sufia kamal Hall is serving in various programs  for the welfare of the social development. 

  The contribution of the students of Kabi Sufia kamal Hall in the development of  the society is praiseworthy. Ranger unit, being a voluntary welfare  organization, participates in various cultural functions of the Hall and  University. There is an Executive Committee of the Ranger in the Hall. And  there are four members of the Advisory Committee among the guiders.


  The activities of Ranger are as follows:

  1. To participate in camps.

  2. To participate in Vaccination Programs.

  3. To conduct Mass-Education Projects.

  4. To participate in Educational Tours (Home and Abroad).

  5. To take part in the Plantation programs.

  6. To perform leading role in maintaining discipline in different functions/ceremonies  of the University. 


  By participating in the above mentioned activities, the Ranger can have the  training for social, leadership and self development. 

  Badhan Unit

  Badhan Unit of Kabi Sufia kamal  Hall has been established in collaboration with Badhan Central Committee. This  unit is always active. The main function of the unit is to serve the ailing  humanity. The members of Badhan donate blood voluntarily. Blood groups of the  members are displayed in the Notice Board so that appropriate donors can be  found easily at the time of need. Bedsides these, seminars and symposiums are  being held to educate the students on how to test blood group, how to inject  Hepatitis Vaccine and grow awareness about AIDS & Breast Cancer.

  Trust fund and scholarship

  Recently a trust  fund titled "Kabi Sufia Kamal Hall Trust Fund" has been set up at  Dhaka University (DU). Provost of the Kabi Sufia Kamal Hall Prof. Dr. Nilufar  Nahar handed over a cheque for Tk. 50 lac to DU Treasurer Prof. Dr. Md. Kamal  Uddin on 24th January 2016 at the Vice-Chancellor's office to set up  this Trust Fund. DU Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. AAMS Arefin Siddique, Pro-Vice  Chancellor (Administration) Prof. Dr. Shahid Akhtar Hossain, Acting Registrar  Syed Rezaur Rahman and House Tutors of the Hall were present on this occasion.

  Forty students of the Kabi Sufia Kamal Hall of Dhaka University have  received the "Kabi Sufia Kamal Hall Trust Fund Scholarship-2016" for  their excellent academic performances.

  The residential  students are selected from the top of the merit list of the University of  Dhaka. In each academic session, scholarship is given to the poor and  meritorious students. Besides, other scholarships are granted from the Board, hall fund and University as  well.

Academic Performance

Like the past, a good number of  students of the Hall have achieved scholarly results in their academic life in  the year 2014-2015.


Hall administrations along the  university authority are trying their best to keep a peaceful and congenial  stay of the students so that they can pursue their academic and hall stay in a  meaningful way.