Pro Bono Psychological Response to COVID19




Pro Bono Psychological Response to COVID19
Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology

University of Dhaka maintained its supremacy by being a pioneer actor to respond for psychological wellbeing in time of national crisis. Since 2009 Rifles mutiny, through its Students Guidance and Counseling Office, Dhaka University has offered pro bono psychological support to the distressed soul in the face of unexpected trauma. Later in 2010 Nimtali fire and 2013 Rana Plaza collapse incident provided bed side psychological support. Since the inception of Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology (DECP) in 2011 it has stood beside human sufferings and provided counseling services to Churitatta fire victims, VN school students (suicide incident) and many others. 

Now at this unprecedented pandemic of COVID 19, under the advice and guidance of the honorable Vice Chancellor, Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology from its Psychological Service Center and along with its allied organizations like EMDR Bangladesh Association, HEAL Bangladesh Foundation and many others is providing free tele/online psychological support to people suffering from wide range of mental agony which are normal under this unusual uncertain situation of COVID19.People from all over Bangladesh are seeking help through Facebook, Google form or various other medium. Remote psychological response has been carried out by means of telephone, Whatsup, Viber, Skype or any preferred choice. Till date 200+ has been served by DECP Facebook page, Student Counseling and Guidance Office Facebook page, EMDR Bangladesh Association, HEAL Bangladesh Foundation and by other allied associations. More than 100 responders are actively involved in this noble endeavor. 

The uncontrollability of this pandemic, economic load and resulting social distancing is having immense impact on mental and social health leading to increased panic, obsession, discrimination, conflict, and self-harm. Psychological distress has its toll on reducing immune systems of the body risking higher probability of infection and carting more havoc in living. This is particularly true for health care personnel and essential workers working relentlessly to save the humanity. It will have impact in future days also by increasing at risk population of mental disorder. At present it is the prime time to focus maintaining psychological wellbeing. All is well when psychologically well. 

Therefore the earnest plead to prioritize accessibility of sustainable psychological responses in the face of this COVID19 crisis by wider broadcasting of the service and initiating one number tele/online psychological response. This tele/online psychological response needs equal footing like telemedicine.

Together we fight Together we live.

         DECP, DU is offering psychological counseling from these services
  1. Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology Facebook page

  2. Facebook:
    Google link:

  3. Facebook:
    Google link:

  4. Student Counselling and Guidance Office, University of Dhaka Facebook page


  6. For further information contact:

         Professor Dr. Mahjabeen Haque WhatsApp/cell no. 01817583902
Professor Dr. Shaheen Islam WhatsApp/cell no. 01819231117


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