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Dr. M Wahiduzzaman

Institute of Education and Research (IER), University of Dhaka is a unique organization of its type which boasts of about 60 years of excellence in the field of education system in Bangladesh. It has a history of delivering quality of teacher education and creating human resources in various areas of education. Maintaining both the quality and addressing the equity issues of education has always been the institute’s top most priorities. Furthermore, it has been continuously working to keep pace with the modern changed world as well as producing efficient graduates ready to take the challenges of the world and adjust them to the innovation of the 21st century.

This website will be an appropriate platform for disseminating information, contributions and academic programs of IER.

I compliment and congratulate my esteemed colleagues, officers, staffs, the Alumni, and volunteers of the Institute of the effort and contribution to make the website a successful one.

Professor Dr. M Wahiduzzaman