Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Md. Abdul Halim

Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Assessment, Mathematics Education

Dr. Mohammad Ali Zinnah

Quality Education

Dr. Diba Hossain

Training on Special Education, Support and Services for the visually Impaired Students, Psychological aid and support, Inclusive and disability study, Assesment, Child Care and Early Intervention.

Mohammad Nure Alam Siddique


Dr. Md. Abdus Salam

Education, Nonformal and Lifelong Education, ICT integration in Education

Dr. Mohammod Moninoor Roshid

Education, teacher education, English language education, TVET, professional communication, graduate employability, Sustainable development, International business communication (e.g. Ready-made garments), EMI, and ELF

Dr. Md. Ahsan Habib

ECCD, Cognitive psychology, Motivation, Evaluation and Intervention study

Dr. Taposh Kumar Biswas

Pre-primary and Primary Education, Non-formal Education, Technical and Vocational Education and Education in Emergencies (EiE)

Dr. Muhammed Mahbubur Rahaman

Inclusive and Special Education, Children with Disabilities, ICT, Multimedia Classroom and Educational Development, Action Research, Teacher Education and Policy Issues in Education, Social Justice., Globalisation, Global Citizenship Education and Critical Theory, Education for Sustainable Development, Teaching Learning Activities (Andragogy, Pedagogy and Heutagogy), Community Policing and Sucicide, Sign Language, Deaf and Hearing Impairment, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Education, Education in Emergencies, Higher Education, Teacher Development and University Ranking

Dr. Md. Khairul Islam

Human Rights Education(HRE), Qualitative Research

Syeda Aticun Nahar


Umme Mustari Tithi

Curriculum and instruction,Teacher Education, Assessment

Jurana Aziz

Indigenous language revitalization, Second language Acquisition,Critical Discourse, Data Driven learning

Dr Md. Shahrier Haider

Digital technology for person with disabilities, Employment for person with disabilities, Special Educational Needs, Special Needs Education, Gender Education

Zeba Farhana

Environmental Education, Science Education

Sabbir Ahmed Chowdhury

Mobile Learning, Innovative Technology & Learning, Andragogy, Education 4.0, Industrial Revolution 4.0, Data-driven Healthcare, Sign Language, Artificial Intelligence, STEM Education

Dr. Saira Hossain

Student Wellbeing, Gender and Diversity, Early Childhood Education, Socio-Emotional Learning, Student Voice

Tahmina Hoq

Science Education

A B M Ahasan Raqib

Higher Education, Educational Administration, Teachers' Professional Learning, Inclusive Education

Iffat Naomee

Curriculum, Education Technology

Rayhan Ara Zaman

Inclusive education, Higher Education, Student Voice

Md. Arifur Rahman

Social Science Education

Abdullah Al-Mamun

Sociolinguistics, Education, Discourse Analysis