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Dr. Md. Golam Azam

The Institute of Social Welfare and Research is the leading center of excellence and a unique institution in Bangladesh for upgrading professional social worker; promoting social and economic equality; dignity and worth of people; and wellbeing through sustainable human relations applied social work knowledge, skill and practice. The College of Social Welfare and Research Centre was started in 1958 as a constituent college under the University of Dhaka. In 1973 the College was merged with the mainstream of academic programs of University of Dhaka and holds the name Institute of Social Welfare and Research (ISWR).

With the gradual process Social Welfare/Work as a practice and professional discipline has been evolved amidst the intimate conjunction of humanity, religiosity, sociology, social psychology, human biology, ecology and environment, social administration, and like disciplines by outstretching its activity-wings. In recent years, there is a demand for talented, qualified and skilled professional human power for home and abroad for employment in various social welfare agencies including Government Departments, NGOs, United Nations Organizations and allied organization, Research Organizations and others National and International Universities.

Institute of Social Welfare and Research, University of Dhaka is well prepared to meet the challenges and our graduates is shown their outstanding performance in employment and job market as they are articulated in prestigious position.

We are proud of our alumni and their accomplishments that are making significant contribution in the corporate, government and other sectors at home and abroad. To achieve our mission and vision we will be looking forward to continued support of our alumni and the others professional groups for ensuring professional recognition in our country.

As the Director of the Institute I wish the students an enjoyable academic journey with us and will be able to play animportant role in the social economic and political transformation necessary to achieve sustainable; and more just society.I strongly believe that it is our time to work together at all level for change the misconception of social welfare and build-up professional status for making peaceful, dignity, and wellbeing society.

Professor Dr. Md. Golam Azam