Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Md. Golam Azam

Social Researches

Mrs. Tahmina Akhter

My current research interest focuses on gender issues, community development, social development, livelihood development of the special community, climate change, clinical social work, and mental health problems, social capital, and social safety-net programme.

Dr. Mahbuba Sultana

Research on Developmental Issues, Project designing and Management, Working Women, Women Torture, Women Development, NGO Initiatives, Family Issues.

Dr. M. Rezaul Islam

Community Development. Social Research. Poverty and Human Rights. Climate Change and Piasters. International Migration

Dr. Fozle Khoda

Family and child related Issues, Rural poverty and rural livelihood, Crime, criminality (/delinquency), victim, victimization and correction, Social exclusion of various groups, Qualitative social research, Social development, Issues of ethnic minority groups (immigrants and non-immigrants)

Dr. Sk. Tauhidul Islam

Disability, sustainable development, HIV/AIDS, Women.....

Mohammad Hafiz Uddin Bhuiyan

Ageing, Human Rights, NGO Activities, Community Development

Dr. Md. Rabiul Islam

Ageing/Gerontology, Poverty and Social Exclusion, Labor Rights, Climate Change and Disaster and Community Development

Dr. Shahana Nasrin

Clinical Social Work and Mental Health Issues, Gender and Development, Human Securities and Indigenous People, Crime, Legal Issues and Correctional Programes

Dr. Md. Ashraful Alam

Road Traffic Accidents, Disability Issue, Industrial Relations

Mohammad Mainuddin Mollah

Social welfare, Industrial Relations, Gerontological Studies and Disaster Management

Dr. Anuradha Bardhan

Ageing and Gerontology

Kamrun Nahar

Disaster,women empowerment,migration.

Mohammad Shahjahan

Youth Development; Disability; Climate Change; Public Health