“Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write.” – Samuel S. Wilks (1951)

Welcome to the Department of Statistics at the University of Dhaka. Founded in 1950 by one of the nation’s greatest intellectuals, Qazi Motahar Husain, this department is the first in Bangladesh and one of the pioneers in Asia to offer undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees in statistics. The department is proud to have produced many leading statisticians, including founders of statistics departments at several universities in Bangladesh, USA, Canada and elsewhere. Here, students and teachers are conducting research in diverse areas such as Biostatistics, Demography, Design of Experiments, Econometrics, Machine Learning, Meta-analysis, Multivariate Analysis, Robust Statistics, Statistical Modelling, etc. Graduates of our department have excellent career prospects and find employment in a large number of government and non-government organizations.