Welcome to ICT Cell, University of Dhaka

The ICT Cell, in addition to augment the ICT products and services, will emphasize development, maintenance and innovative use of the existing ICT facilities.

Professor Asif Hossain Khan, PhD

ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Cell
Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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Web Services

With its limited manpower ICT Cell is continuously developing different web-based services to automate different administrative activities of the University among which the notable ones performed in the last one year are listed below.
  • Online profiles of DU faculty members in DU website have been modernized and new features have been added to meet the requirements of respected teachers.
  • Software has been developed to digitize personal files of respected faculty members to store information and create reports on their joining, promotions and leave history.
  • An automated system has been developed to collect, coordinate and analyze all the information provided by different entities of the University that is incorporated in the University's Annual Report.
  • The registration process of Convocation was made online since the 51st Convocation. However, that software has been upgraded and made mode secure and user friendly and has been introduced during 52nd Convocation. ICT Cell is also responsible for the Live Telecast of the Convocation on DU Website and for connecting the two satellite venues with the main venue.
  • The certificate and mark sheet withdrawal activities had been a manual process resulting in wastage of time and energy of the alumni. The process has been automated. Now alumni can apply for certificate/mark-sheet from online, monitor progress and communicate with relevant staff using their online dashboards, receive pay slips from online and once payment is done in any of the designated banks/branches, the information is automatically updated in the system. The payment integration system with conventional banks has been complete and payment integration with mobile banking or online banking is in progress. Once the certificate/mark sheet is prepared, applicants are notified through their dashboards and asked to collect on a specific date/time.
  • A web application has been developed to collect the bank account and other relevant information of the Government scholarship holder students of the University and the information is sent to the Directorate of Education and the concerned authorities.
  • Another web application has been developed for those who apply for University residence. Applications are now received online and point calculation is done automatically by the software as per the rules of the University. Hence the application and allotment process has become easier, faster and more transparent.
  • New features have been added to DU’s website such as integration of a searchable Telephone and Email Directory of DU employees, awareness and information dissipation page for COVID-19 etc