Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Sharmin Rumi Alim

Food Microbiology

Dr. Kazi Muhammad Rezaul Karim

Nutrition, Adolescent Nutrition, Molecular Nutrition

Md Ruhul Amin

Maternal and Child Nutrition, Nutrient Adequacy, Worksite Nutrition, Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Nutrient Adequacy, Food Security, Food and Nutrition Policy

Md. Khurshidul Zahid, Ph.D.

Nutrition, Food Sciences, Autophagy, Cholesterol Homeostasis in Macrophage foam cells, Bio-active compounds, Community Nutrition, Food loss and Food Wastes, Waste collectors, Child Health, Cell culture and animal experiment

Dr. Sumaiya Mamun

Nutritional Epidemiology, Global Nutrition & Health., Food Toxicology

Saiful Islam

Public Health Nutrition in Resource-constrained Settings

Hazera Binte Sufian

Vitamin D, cholesterol metabolism in Prostate cancer pathogenesis, Breast Cancer, Antioxidant activity, Waste collectors

Nafis Md. Irfan

Food funtionality, Toxicology (heavy metals), Oxidative stress , Maternal and child nutrition, Adolescent nutrition, Dietetics and Human nutrition

Ishrat Nourin Khan

Human toxicology, Radiation oncology, Human nutrition, Food funtionality, Dietetics

Dr. Tanjina Rahman

Renal Nutrition, Public Health, Food Safety

Oumma Halima

Child Nutrition; Behavioral Nutrition; Dietary Pattern; Recipe Standardization; Clinical Nutrition; Diet Therapy; Diet Counseling