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    ISRT Students’ Club (Year:2020)

    This beautiful picture has been taken after a successful demo session conducted by the NSU Toastmasters Club at ISRT.

    ISRT Students’ Club has been formed with the vision of promoting extra-curricular activities among our students, unfolding a platform for all to participate and exchange ideas, and above all, building a strong community of applied statisticians. The club membership is open to all current students of ISRT. The club activities are scheduled to be held on every Tuesday at 2 p.m. at ISRT seminar room.


    Upcoming Events:

    Month: January
    1. Week 1: First club meeting held
    2. Week 2: Toastmasters’ Club Demo Session
    3. Week 3: Inaugural of ISRT Canvas, with the theme for this month chosen as, “Scope and Future of Statistics” Two representatives have been chosen from each batch and given the responsibility of collecting write-ups, poems, pictures and any other creative representation based on the chosen theme
    4. Week 4: Cleanliness Day


    Previous Events (2017):

    1. August, 2017: “Group Presentation Competition on Current Affairs”. Winners: Awan Afiaz, Nofel Ahmed, Raisa Shamma (Batch 23)