Faculty Members List: Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Picture Name of Faculty Designation Degree Phone Email Profile
Dr. Zeba Islam Seraj Professor & Chairperson Ph.D 8802-9661920 extension 7647 zebai@du.ac.bd View
Dr. M. Anwar Hossain Professor Ph.D 880-2-9661900/7643 mahossain.49@du.ac.bd (hossain50@gmail.com) View
Dr. Haseena Khan Professor Ph.D in Molecular Biology, University of Sussex, England 9661920-69/7645 & 7161515 haseena@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Laila Noor Islam Professor PhD 880-2-9661900/7637 (Office) laila@du.ac.bd (lailanislam@yahoo.com) View
Dr. Md. Sayedul Islam Professor Ph.D 880-2-9661920-73 (7646/7635) sayed@du.ac.bd (sayedmsi@yahoo.com) View
Dr. Yearul Kabir Professor Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry Tohoku University, Japan. Tel.: (88)02-9661900-59 Extn. 7656, 01710-327716 ykabir@du.ac.bd (ykabir@yahoo.com) View
Dr. Md. Enamul Haque Professor Ph.D 880-2-9661900/7949 enamulmd@du.ac.bd (enamulmd@yahoo.com) View
Dr. Mrs. Shamima Nasrin Professor Ph.D 7636/ 9887802, Mob:01727152698 shamimashahed@hotmail.com View
Dr. Emran Kabir Chowdhury (Deputation) Professor Ph.D 880-2-9661900/7653 emrankc@yahoo.com View
Dr. Hossain Uddin Shekhar Professor Ph.D 880-2-9661900/7654 shekhardu@hotmail.com View
Dr. Mamun Ahmed Professor Ph.D 880-2-9661900/7640 evdrcpb@hotmail.com View
Dr.Md. Zakir Hossain Howlader Professor Ph.D 880-2-9661900/7666 hhzakir@du.ac.bd (hhzakir@yahoo.com) View
Dr. A.H.M.Nurun Nabi Professor Ph.D In Biochemistry (Gifu University, Japan) 880-2-9661900/7660 nabi@du.ac.bd View
Dr. AKM Mahbub Hasan (Deputation) Professor PhD 880-2-9661900/7663 kmhasan@du.ac.bd View
Dr.Mohammad Riazul Islam Professor PhD 7666/ Mob: 01741487725 mriazulislam@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Md. Rakibul Islam Professor Ph.D. +8801552448128 rakibul_du@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Mahmud Hossain Professor Ph.D 880-2-9661900/7636 mahmudbio1480@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Md. Sohel Samsuzzaman (On leave) Associate Professor Ph.D 880-2-9661900/7664 sshamsuzzaman@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Md. Taibur Rahman Associate Professor Ph.D (Germany) +88-9661920-73/ Extn: 7648 taibur@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Md. Atiqur Rahman Associate Professor Ph.D (UK) 880-2-9661900/7664 atiqurrahman@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Tania Rahman Associate Professor PhD (University of Melbourne) 880-2-9661900/7670 tania.rahman@du.ac.bd (rtania7@gmail.com) View
Dr. Sajib Chakraborty Associate Professor Ph.D (Germany) 880-2-9661900/7636 sajib@du.ac.bd View
Sonia Tamanna (on study leave) Assistant Professor M.S. (DU) +88-9661920-73/ 7666 sonia@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Md. Ismail Hosen (on study leave) Assistant Professor PhD (German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany) +88-01911531689 ismail.hosen@du.ac.bd View
Dr. M. M. Towhidul Islam Assistant Professor Ph.D +88-01710518057 towhidbmb@du.ac.bd View
Rifat Ara Begum (on study leave) Assistant Professor MS (DU) +88-01743516695 rifatab18@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Md. Mohasin Assistant Professor Ph.D (UK) +8801778138215 mohasin@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Tania Sultana Assistant Professor Ph.D +88-01716633719 tania.sultana@du.ac.bd View
Zimam Mahmud (on study leave) Lecturer M.S. (DU) +88-01687267851 zimam@du.ac.bd View
Tahmina Hossain Ahmed (on study leave) Lecturer M.S. (DU) +88-01686800886 tahmina_bmb@du.ac.bd View
Miss. Tahirah Yasmin (on study leave) Lecturer M.S. (DU) 9661900/7670 tahirah.yasmin@du.ac.bd View
Md. Omar Faruk (on study leave) Lecturer M.S. (DU) +88-01812559511 faruk.bmb@du.ac.bd View
Ms. Ahlan Sabah Ferdous (on study leave) Lecturer M.S. (DU) 9661900/7641 ahlan_sabah@du.ac.bd View
Mrs.Tasnin Akter Nila Lecturer M.S (DU) Mob:01911658514 tasnin.nila@gmail.com View
Mr. Anik Paul Lecturer M.S (DU) 880-2-9661900/7636 (Office) anikpaul.bmb@du.ac.bd View
Miss. Khadiza Akhter Lecturer M.S (DU) Mob:01821698808 khadiza.akhter@du.ac.bd View
Miss. Farida Yasmin (On study leave) Lecturer M.S (DU) Mob:01676339787 farida.yasmin@du.ac.bd ( farida.yasmin115@gmail.com) View
Miss. Farhana Tasnim Chowdhury Lecturer M.S (DU) 880-2-9661900/7636 (Office) farhanatasnim@du.ac.bd View
Miss. Hamida Nooreen Mahmood Lecturer M.S (DU) 880-2-9661900/7636 (Office) hamida.nooreen@du.ac.bd View
Ms. Talita Zahin Choudhury (On study leave) Lecturer M.S (DU) 880-2-9661900/7636 (Office) talita.choudhury@du.ac.bd View
Ar-Rafi Md. Faisal Lecturer M.S (DU) 880-2-9661900/7636 rafi.faisal@du.ac.bd View