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Faculty Members List: Department of Chemistry

Picture Name of Faculty Designation Degree Phone Email Profile
Dr. Md. Azizur Rahman Professor & Chairman M.Sc. (Dhaka), Ph.D. (Dhaka) +880-2-9661920-73/7146, (R) +880-2-9674070 View
Dr. Tofail Ahmed Chowdhury Professor M.Sc. (Dhaka), Ph.D. (Dhaka) +880-2-9661920-73/7147, (R) +880-2-8617284 View
Dr. Md. Anwarul Islam Professor M.Sc. (Dhaka), Ph.D. (Birmingham) +880-2-9661920-73/7148, (R) +880-2-9674772 View
Dr. Shahida Begum Professor M.Sc. (Dhaka), Ph.D. (Aston, Birmingham) +880-2-9661920-73/7150, (R) +880-2-9674772 View
Dr. Md. Qamrul Ehsan Professor M.Sc. (Dhaka), D.Sc. (Tohoku) (R) +880-2-7161920 View
Dr. Pradip Kumar Bakshi Professor M.Sc. (Dhaka), Ph.D. (Dalhousie, Canada) +880-2-9661920-73/7152 View
Dr. Omar Ahmed Professor M.Sc. and M. Phil (Chittagong) Ph. D. (Okayama) +880-2-9661920-73/7153, (R) +880-2-8614417 View
Dr. Farida Begum Professor M.Sc. (Dhaka), Ph.D. (Dhaka) +880-2-9661920-73/7155, (R) +880-2-8613285 View
Dr. Umme Kulsum Rowzatur Romman Professor M.Sc. (Dhaka), Ph.D. (Dhaka) +880-2-9661920-73/7156, (R) +880-2-8315160 View
Dr. Md. Emran Quayum Professor M.Sc. (Dhaka) Ph.D. (Hokkaido) +880-2-9661920-73/7159, (R) +880-2-8615561 View
Dr. S. M. Mizanur Rahman Professor M.Sc. (Dhaka), Ph.D. Dhaka +880-2-9661920-73/7158, (R) +880-2-9670567 View
Dr. Hosne Ara Begum Professor M.Sc. (Dhaka), Ph.D. (Dhaka) +880-2-9661920-73/7157, (R) +880-2-8652936 View
Dr. Tanvir Muslim Professor M.Sc. (Dhaka), Ph.D.(Tottori) +880-2-9661920-73/7160, (R) +880-2-8652936 View
Dr. Md. Iqbal Rouf Mamun (On Deputation) Professor M.Sc. (Dhaka), Ph.D. (Dhaka) +880-2-9661920-73/7161 View
Dr. Md. Abdul Jabber Professor M.Sc. (Dhaka), Ph.D. (Tokushima) +880-2-9661920-73/7174, (R) +880-19-16574966 View
Dr. Md. Abu Bin Hasan Susan Professor M.Sc. (Dhaka), Ph.D.(Yokohama National University, Japan) +880-2-9661920-73/7162, (R) +880-15-52327672 View
Dr. Kawsari Akter Professor M.Sc. (Dhaka), Ph.D. (Dhaka) +880-2-9661920-73/7168, (R) +880-2-9670957 View
Dr. G. M. Golzar Hossain Professor M.Sc. (Dhaka), Ph.D. (Cardiff ) (R) +88-01733149898 View
Dr. Md. Mufazzal Hossain Professor M.Sc. (Dhaka), Ph.D. (Utsunomiya, Japan) +880-2-9661920-73/7176, (R) +880-18-17675017 View
Dr. Mohammad Abul Hossain Professor M. Sc. (Dhaka), M. S. and Ph. D. (Kanazawa, Japan); United Nations Delegate Member of World Human Right Service Council (WHRSC), New York, USA. (+8802) 9661920-73 / 7180 View
Dr. Mohammad Shoeb Professor M.Sc. (Dhaka, Bangladesh), M.Sc and Ph.D. (Aberdeen, UK) +880-2-9661920-73/7182, (R) +880-17-15191988 View
Dr. Md. Abdus Salam Professor M.Sc. (Dhaka), M.S. and Ph.D. (Toyohashi) +880-2-9661920-73/7167, (R) +880-15-52379376 View
Dr. Md. Ahsan Habib Professor PhD 880-2-9661900/7164 View
Dr. Abdus Salam Professor PhD (Austria), Postdoc (Canada) in Atmospheric Science +880-2-9661920-73, Ext.7171 View
Dr. Md. Mominul Islam Associate Professor PhD (Tokyo) +88-01947-558235 View
Dr. Muhammed Shah Miran Associate Professor M.S. (DU), PhD (Yokohama, Japan) +880-2-9661920-73/7177, (R) +880-18-18441345, +880 View
Dr. Md. Ershad Halim Associate Professor 880-2-9661900/ 7166 View
Dr. Abida Sultana Assistant Professor B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc. (DU) +88-01716322582 View
Dr. Md. Anamul Haque Assistant Professor B.S (Hons), M.S (DU), PhD (Japan) +88-01718578880 View
Dr. Farhana Khanam Ferdousi Assistant Professor B.Sc, M.S.(Dhaka) +880-2-9661920-73/7178, (R) +880-2-7413478 View
Dr. Md. Shahidur Rahman Assistant Professor B.Sc. (Hons), M.S (DU), M.S. (Toyohashi) +88-02-9661920-73/Ext. 7131 View
A. K. M. Nur Alam Siddiki Assistant Professor M.S. (DU) +88-01716580850 View
Dr. Saika Ahmed Assistant Professor M. S (Dhaka), PhD (Japan) +88-02-9661920-73 Ext. 7131 (O) View
Md. Kamrul Hassan Assistant Professor View
Md. Shafiqul Islam (On Leave) Lecturer B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc. (DU) View
Shankar Mandal (On Leave) Lecturer B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc (DU) +88-01712411078 View
Md. Ariful Hoque (On Leave) Lecturer M.S. (DU) View
Md. Robiul Islam (On Leave) Lecturer M.S. (DU), MEng (TUT, Japan) +88-01672442894 View
Khorshada Jahan (On Leave) Lecturer M. S. (DU) +88-01678140656 View
Humaira Yeasmin (On Leave) Lecturer B.S & M.S. (DU) View
Humaiara Akter (On Leave) Lecturer View
Sadia Afrin Chhanda (On Leave) Lecturer View
A. Z. M. Mainul Islam Mazumder Lecturer M.S. (DU) +88-01737377786 View
Md. Rokonujjaman Lecturer B. S (Hons.) M.S. (DU) +88-01755709037 View
Dr. NIlufar Nahar Professor ( LPR ) M.Sc. (Dhaka), Ph.D. (Uppsala) +880-2-9661920-73/7143, (R) +880-2-8919701 View
Dr. Md. Habibul Bahar Professor ( LPR ) M.Sc. (Dhaka), Ph.D. (I.I.T., Bombay) +880-2-9661920-73/7149, (R) +880-2-9669077 View