Department of History




Faculty Members List: Department of History

Picture Name of Faculty Designation Degree Phone Email Profile
Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Jamal Professor & Chairman M.A., Ph.D. 9661920-73, Ex.6206, 6191 View
Dr. Syed Anwar Husain Supernumerary Professor B.A.(Hons),M.A.(DU),M. A. (Senior Hons.) Edinburgh,Ph. D.( London) 880-2-9136679(Off), 8619712(Res) View
Dr. A. Z. M. Iftikhar-ul-Awwal Supernumerary Professor B.A.(Hons),(PunjabUniversity)M.A.(DU),Ph.D.(London) 9661920-73/6195, 6190 (Off) View
Mr. Sharifullah Bhuiyan Professor ( LPR ) /6203 9668415 View
Dr. Kazi Shahidullah Professor B.A.(Hons), M.A.(DU),M.A.(British Columbia), Ph.D(Western Australia) 8113680 View
Dr. Muntasir Uddin Khan Mamun Professor /6198 View
Dr. Sharif uddin Ahamed 88-02-8916325 View
Dr. Abul Hussain Ahmed Kamal Honorary-Teacher +880-2-9661900/6190 View
Dr.Zaheda Ahmed /6202, 9352274, 9352281, 9354317 View
Dr. Sonia Nishat Amin Professor B.A.(hons), M.A.(DU), M.A.(Boston), Ph.D(DU) (880-2) 9112044 View
Dr. Nurul Huda Abul Monsur Professor 9661920-73, Ex. 6208 View
Dr. Abu Md. Delwar Hosain Professor /6209, 8621224 View
Dr. Mesbah Kamal Professor 6205 8653414 , 01753943463, 01912819255 View
Dr. Rana Razzaque Professor Ph.D. 9661920-73, Ex. 6207, 6191 View
Dr. Surma Zakaria Choudhury Professor M.A. (Ph.D) 88-02-8311488, /6218 View
Dr. Eshani Chakroborty Professor PhD /6213 8617088 View
Dr. Asha Islam Nayeem Professor 88-02-8917512 View
Dr. Ashfaque Hossain Professor MA, MPhil (DU), PhD(Nottingham, UK) 880-2-9661900/6204 View
Dr. Mohammad Amzad Ali Professor 880-2-9661900/6220 View
Mr. Mohammad Golam Saklayen Saqui Associate Professor B.A.(Hons), M.A.(DU) 880-2-9661900,Ex.6215 View
Dr. Prodip Chand Dugar Professor 880-2-9661900/6212 View
Dr. Aksadul Alam Professor BA(Hons), MA(DU, Dhaka), PhD (JNU, New Delhi) 9661920-73/ ext 6192 View
Dr. Iftekhar Iqbal PhD (Cambridge) 9661900-70. ext. 6197 View
Dr. Sania Sitara Associate Professor PhD (DU) /6204 8141043 , 01711523406 View
Mohammad Abul Kawser Associate Professor B.A. (Hons), M.A. (D.U.) MPhil (Oslo) 9661920-73 Ext. 6217 View
Mr.Milton Kumar Dev Associate Professor B.A.(Hons), M.A. +88-02-01712553932 View
Ms. Sharmin Akhtar Associate Professor M. A. (DU) /6202 9666386, 01711154481 View
Ms. Farhana Akter Shoovra Associate Professor /6219 9112716, 01199486336 View
Ms. Mrittika Shahita Associate Professor /6208, 9333544 View
Ms. Lukna Yasmin Assistant Professor /6209, 01711906932 View
Mr. S. M. Rezaul Karim Associate Professor M Phil View
Mr. Sahidul Hasan Assistant Professor M A in History (South Asia in Ancient and Medieval Times with Special Emphasize on Bengal) 01552330885; 01612330885 View
Dr. Abdul Momin Chowdhury B.A.(Hons), M.A. Ph.D(London) 9661920-73, Ex.6192 View
M. Mufakharul Islam Part-Time Teacher B.A.(Hons),M.A.(DU),Ph. D.( London) View
Dr.A.B.M. Mahmud 880-2-9661900/6221 View
Shanta Patranobish Lecturer M. A. in History View
Sharmin Jahan Chowdhury Lecturer M. A. in History View
Mahmuda Akter Poly Lecturer M. A. in History View
Mithun Kumar Saha Lecturer M. A. in History View