Department of Physics




Faculty Members List: Department of Physics

Picture Name of Faculty Designation Degree Phone Email Profile
Dr. Md. Abdus Satter Professor & Chairman PhD /7001, 01715002083 View
Dr. (Mrs.) Hosne Jahan Begum Professor PhD View
Dr. A. B. M. Obaidul Islam Professor PhD /7029, 7161222, 01712605007, /5401 View
Dr. (Mrs.) Supriya Saha Professor PhD /7030 View
Dr. Aminul I. Talukder Professor PhD 02-9661920 Ext-7034 View
Dr. Md. Kamrul Hassan Professor PhD in Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics, University of Brunel, UK 880-2-9661900, 01914725749 View
Dr. (Mrs.) Sabina Hussain Professor PhD /7033 9890550 View
Dr. Khandker Saadat Hossain Professor PhD in Material Science of Polymers 880-2-9661900 Ext. 7044 View
Dr. Ishtiaque M. Syed Professor PhD (Case Western Reserve University, USA) 02-9661920-73 /7048 View
Dr. Md. Wahadoszamen Professor PhD 02-9661920-73 /7038 View
Dr. Naureen Ahsan Professor PhD View
Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman Associate Professor 880-2-9661900/7001 PhD View
Golam Dastegir Al-Quaderi Associate Professor Master of Science (Physics), University of British Columbia 7040 8628783 View
Dr. Md. Dalilur Rahaman Associate Professor Ph.D. in Solid State Physics, (Hokkaido University), Japan +880-2-01746398900 View
Dr. Ratan Chandra Gosh Associate Professor Ph.D, Hiroshima University (Japan) +880-2-9661900/7001, 01747047705 View
Dr. Md. Niamul Islam Associate Professor PhD View
Dr. Mohammad Shahjahan Associate Professor Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Theory (Osaka University, Japan) +88-02-9661920 Ext-7047 ; Cell : 01715 65 77 12 View
Dr. Kazi Hanium Maria Associate Professor Ph.D (Shizuoka, Japan) +880-2-01711987595 View
Dr. Alamgir Kabir Associate Professor Ph.D (University of Central Florida, USA) 880-2-9661900/7001 Mobile: 880-1711-978225 View
Mahabub Alam Bhuiyan Assistant Professor M.S. ( DU) View
Zulfiqar Hasan Khan Assistant Professor M.S. ( DU) +880-1762217177 View
Talal Ahmed Chowdhury Assistant Professor PhD. in Theoretical Particle Physics, SISSA, Trieste, Italy View
Enayet Hossain Assistant Professor M.S. (DU) View
Md. Kamruzzaman Assistant Professor M.S. (DU) +88-01723934685 View
Kaiser Ahmed Rocky Assistant Professor M.S. (DU) +88-01712630709 View
Dr. Sayed Hasan Assistant Professor PhD in Condensed Matter Theory (University of Florida, USA) View
Dr. Rakibur Rahman Assistant Professor PhD View
Dr. Syed Hasibul Hassan Chowdhury Assistant Professor PhD View
Miss Athoy Nilima Lecturer M.S. (DU) View
Md. Tareq Mahmud Lecturer M.S. (DU) View
Amitabh Biswas Lecturer M.S. (DU) View
Liana Islam Lecturer M.S. (DU) +88-01817503613 View
Md. Sazzad Hossain Lecturer M.S. (DU) View
Armin Anwar Lecturer M.S. (DU) View
Tanisha Mehreen Lecturer M.S. (DU) View
Iffat Nur Esha Lecturer M.S. (DU) View
Ashik Imran Lecturer M.S. (DU) 01684867476 View