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... Name Dr. Md. Ziaur Rahman (Sayeem Rana)
Designation Assistant Professor
Last Degree PhD in Music (DU), M.A (DU)


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Dr. Md. Ziaur Rahman (Sayeem Rana)

Assistant Professor

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Qualification: PhD, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh




Dr. Sayeem Rana is Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Dhaka and awarded wining Researcher as well as Music director. He is also a performer and has performed country music in Japan, Korea and India. He has been a Fulbright scholar and learned academic education of Japanese and Korean music. His arias of special interest include Mass (Peoples) Music; ethnic musical instrument; Music direction of film, theatre and modern song; lyric and tune writing; graphic design; poetry with creative essays.

Dr. Rana is a member and liaison officer of the International council for traditional music ICTM.


Current Position

2017, Assistant Professor

Department of Music, University of Dhaka, Faculty of Arts, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh

2015, Lecturer

Department of Music, University of Dhaka, Faculty of Arts, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh

2010, Part-time Senior Lecturer

The Department of Film and Media, Stamford University Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Teaching Experiance

  1. Visiting Lecture: Ewha Women University, Seoul, 120-170 Republic of Korea.

  2. Part-time Lecture: Department of Music, Jatiyo Kobi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Maymanshing, Bangladesh

  3. Part-time Lecture: Department of Film, Television and Digital Media, Green University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  4. Guest Lecture: Department of Bangla, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  5. Guest Lecture: Department of Theater and Performance, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.


2009, Jan Doctor of Philosophy in Music, University of Dhaka

Dissertation: Mass Music of Bangladesh: subject & Tune Variation.

Supervisor: Professor Dr. Mridulkanti Chakrobarty.

1997, Jan Masters of Arts in Islamic Studies, Placed Third in First Class, University of Dhaka

1996, June Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Islamic studies, first Class, University of Dhaka

Other current Position

Member and liaison officer of the International council for traditional music ICTM.

Current Research and teaching Interest

Korean and Japanese music and its tradition, Film music and its technology, western music theory and Notation system, Research methodoly of music, Ethnomusicology and ethnic cultural studies, folklore and traditional music of Bangladesh, Music history of Bengali ancient and mediaval music, Tunal texture of Charyageeti, Srikrishnakirtana and Baul song, Music composition and digital recording system, Music for opera, ballad and Ballet etc.

Research Scholarship

2015, Cultural Partnership Initiative CPI program,

Subject: Traditional Musical Instruments, specially Gayageum and Janggu of Korea with singing.

Institute: National Gugak Centre and Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

2005 - 2006, Bunka-cho (Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan) Artist’s Scholarship.

Subject: Traditional music and Instrument of Japan with Buddhist Vocal music.

Institute: Karyoubinga Buddhist Music Research Society, Tokyo, Japan.


2005 – 2015, Basic Training on Japanese Traditional Music and instruments, with technical performance, like-13

  1. Shamisen, (both like Thick and Thin necked) from Tokyo National Theater and Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, Kanagawa, Tokyo, in the performance aria of BUNRAKU Puppet theatrical composition and traditional folk tune.

  2. Kokyu, (bow) Training on BUNRAKU Kabuki theatrical style in Tokyo National Theater. Tokyo, Japan

  3. Kotsuzumi, (small drum) training in Takinojo’s Music school, Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

  4. Koto, (traditional string) training in Joetsu University of Education, Nigaata, Japan

  5. Shomyo, vocal training on Buddhist chanting music by ancient traditional notation & international staff notation system in Kariyobinga Buddhist music research society, Tokyo, Japan.

  6. Gayageum, 12 stings traditional musical instrument of Korea, training in National Gugak centre, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

  7. Janggu, Traditional Drum of Korea, training in National gugak centre, seoul, Republic of Korea.

2002, Film Production Technique (Screen play Writing & Direction) Course from National Institute of Mass Communication, Successful Completion on the best position.

1997, Nazrul Songs Training (Shuddha Shoor O Bani) Course (9 June-29 June) from Nazrul Institute, Dhanmondi, Dhaka by Successful Completion

1996-1997, Yearly Nazrul Song Training (Shuddha Shoor O Bani) Course (28th October 1996 to 23th June 1997) from Nazrul Institute, by participating Completion

Published Books

2013, Dec A Historical perception of Traditional Musical Instruments for Younger Generation, (English & Bengali), First Edition by Bangladesh Institute of Theater art, Chittagong, Bangladesh, December 2013

2011, Dec Tagore: Thought of Music, (Rabindranath: Shangeet-Bhabna), First Edition: December 2011, Second edition 2013, Published by Murdhonno, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

2009, June Mass Music of Bangladesh: Subject and Tune Variation, (Bangladesher Gonosongeet: Bishoy o Shoor Boichitra) (PhD Research, written in Bengali) First Edition: June 2009, Published by Bangla Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh

2004, Feb Reverberation from Smithy, (Kamarsharal Dhoni), A Book of Poem written in Bengali, First Edition: February 2004, Publication: Myth Media & Publications, Dhaka. Bangladesh.

Group Published Books

2016 An essay on Music arrangement of Film’, Page 61-80, into the book of Film Studies and training, (Chalacchitra Addhayan O Prashikkan) published by Bangladesh Cinema and Television Institute (BCTI), Dhaka, June 2016.

2015, 10 International Staff notation on the song of Hason Raja, Page 132-160, into the book of 50 Notation of Hason Raja, (Hason Rajar 50ti Gaan) published by National Academy of Fine anf Performing Arts, Bangladesh, Dhaka 1000, December 2015

2010, 10 International Staff notation on the Baul song, Page 357-401, into the book Notation of Baul song (Baul Sangeet Swaralipi), published by National Academy of Fine anf Performing Arts, Bangladesh, Dhaka 1000, December 2015

2007, ‘Jaari-Song’ p.70-77, ‘Poto-song’ p. 105-113, ‘Modern-song’ p. 172-177 and ‘Patriotic and Humanist song’ p. 190-219, The Volume of performing art (Paribeshona Shilpakala), Edited by Dr. Israfil Shaheen. Published by Asiatic Society in Bangladesh.

Publication and Journal

2015, June Musical Instruments for Folk games of Bengal (evsjvi †jvKµxovq ev`¨), Sahitya Patrica, Vol. 52, No. 3, June 2015, Dept. of Bangla, Dhaka University, P. 195-202

2013, Sept Connection of Periodic Overcome and Notation System of Lalon Songs.(Lalon geetir jugottirnota O swaralipi prashanga), Bangla Academy Patrika, Vol-3 & 4, Year: 56, July-Dec 2012, Publishing year September 2013, P. 97

2012, Feb Christian Carol song & Bengali Song in 19th century (Unish Shotoker Bangla Gan O Chrishto-Dhormogeet), Sahitya Patrica, Vol. 49, No. 2, February 2012, Dept. of Bangla, Dhaka University, P. 131-140

2012, Feb Spheres of Music and Pythagoras (Asruto Shangeet O Phythagoras), Shamoyiky in Daily Prothom Alo, April 6, 2012, P- 24

2011, June Dance & Melodrama of Tagore : Prologue of Modern Song (Rabindranather Gitinrityanatya : Adhunik Sangeeter Suchona), Sahitya Patrica, Vol. 48, No. 3, June 2011, Dept. of Bangla, Dhaka University, P. 171-180

2010, Jan-Mar Music-technology with the Morality of Educational System (Sangeet Prajukti Ebong Shikkhabyabosthar neeti), Pathorekha, 13th year 3-4 Issue, Editor: Nooh-Ul-Alam Lenin, Published by Kazi Rokeya sultana, P. 217-228

2008, Apr-June Researched Method on the Classification of Musical Instrument with Dotara (Banglar Badyojantra : Srenibibhag, Gabeshana Poddhoti O 13Dotara), Bangla Academy Patrika, Vol-2, Year: 52, April- June 2008, P. 293

2003, June Art of Broad line and the songs of our scroll-paintings (Motarekhar Shilpa O Amader Potgaan), Published by 'Samoyiky' Daily Prothom Alo. Editor: Matiur Rahman. Published in June 20, 2003

2002, Dec Inner & outside of music (Sangeeter Ghar-Bahir), Published in 'Shamoyiky' Daily Prothom Alo, Edited by Matiur Rahman, December 13, 2002, P. 24

1999, Jan-Mar The application and the limitation of our music (Amader Sangeet : Prayogikota O Simaboddhota), Published by Uttaradhiker, Bangla Academy three monthly Magazine. 27 year 1st Issue. Editor: sayed Anwar Hossain. Page 96-104

International Performance

2015, CPI Program Completion Concert titled ‘Traditional Beauty’, at the Venue of Pungnyu Sarangbang, in National Gugak Center, Seoul, Republic of Korea, October 10, 2015

2013, Jan Music Direction with composition of The Measures Taken by Bartolt Brecht, Produced by Dhaka University and Directed by Dr. Israfeel Shaheen, Bharat-rang Mahatshav 2013 in New Delhi. India.

2011, July Music Direction with composition of The Decision by Bartolt Brecht, produced by University of Dhaka of 19th Young Theatre Festival in Bisul Theatre complex, Republic of Korea, July 4-12, 2011

2005, 13 Oct Folk song of Bangladesh performed in ‘International Performing Art Festival 2005’, in Osaka College Opera House, Japan. Directed by Tokyo Music and Art University and organized by Cultural Ministry of Japan. The date of 13th October 2005

2006, 4 Feb Solo performance like Traditional Bengali song titled ‘Concert of Bangla song’ at the Riga Royal Hotel Tokyo on the occasion 10 CD & 2 Books launching the name ‘BUSAN SHOMYO TAISEI’ (Buddhist famous music) in Tokyo at 4th February 2006.



2012, International Seminar presentation on the subject Rhythmic Heritage of Bangladesh & Drumming as a Modern performing art on SAARC drumming Festival in Thimphu, Bhutan at 3rd December 2012


2014, Seminar on The Mass Music : Perspective Bangladesh, 19th February, ‘3 days National combined Mass (Peoples) music Festival 2014’, Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

2014, Seminar on Ustad Momtaj Ali khan, 9th February, ‘Omar Ekushey Book Fair 2014’, Bangla Academy, Dhaka.

2013, National Seminar presentation on the subject Exposition of traditional musical instruments and musical history to the youth in Nabab Nawab Ali Choudhury Senate hall, University of Dhaka, arranged by Bangladesh institute of theatre arts and Norway embassy, at 30 August 2013.

2013, Seminar presentation on the subject Traditional Music instrument in folk-gems of Bangladesh on traditional cultural festival 2013 in Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka at 13th April December 2013.

­­­2012, Seminar on Presentation essay contribution and biography of Abdul Latif, 91341342 February, ‘Omar Ekushey Book Fair 2012’, Bangla Academy, Dhaka

2008, Seminar on Discussion of music & cultural activities in 3 era of Bangladesh, 2nd February, ‘Omar Ekushey Book Fair 2008’, Bangla Academy, Dhaka.

2007, Seminar on the mass music of Bangladesh: Subject variation (Before liberation) 4th February 2007 in Naat-mandol, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Award and prize

2016, National Film Award 2014 for Music Direction on the film ‘Nakabbarer Mahaprayan’.

2015, Silver Prize of ‘ARIANG singing Contest’ in National Gugak Center, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

2011, Best Book Awarded 2010 by Daily Prothom Alo, for Mass music of Bangladesh: subject and tune variation, Published by Bangla Academy, Dhaka 2009.

1998, 1) Folk Song-1st position, 2) Nazrul Sangeet-1st position, 3) Rabindra Sangeet- 2nd position to Literary & Cultural Competition under the Ziaur Rahman Hall of the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

1992, Successful Award on the first position of Book Reading Workshop from World literary Centre. Bangladesh

Media Performance on Music

  • TV & Radio Traditional and Modern Music Performance with discussion about musicology in the media of TV, Satellite Channel, and FM Radio like ‘BTV’, ‘NTV’ ‘Bangla Vision’ ‘Ekushey’ ‘Masranga’ ‘Rtv’, Shomoy’, ‘Bangladesh Betar’ ‘Radio Amar’ ‘Radio Foorti’ etc.
  • Stage Vocal Music solo and Group Performances as Modern song, Baul & folk song in various Auditorium and concert hall in Bangladesh like Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, National Museum, Nazrul Institute, Bangla Academy Auditorium and Najrul Moncho, Nat-Mandol, LGRD Auditorium, NAEM Auditorium, Shahjalal University Auditorium Shilhet, Central Library auditorium, R.C. Mazumder (Lecture Theatre) auditorium, TSC auditorium DU and JU, World Literary centre auditorium in Bangladesh etc.

Music Composition & Direction

2015, Music Direction on the title ‘Six Seasons with Flute’ produced by Sayeed Ahmad foundation, performed in National Academy of Fine & Performing Arts, Dhaka, Bangladesh, January 24, 2015

2014, Sound and Music composition of Shompur Kathan (History of Shompur Bihar) as an archaeological open-air Theatre, produced by Sayeed Ahmad foundation, performed in National Academy of Fine & Performing Arts, Dhaka, Bangladesh, April 20, 2014

2013, Tears of Midnight and Delight of hunting Music composition and direction and performed on the stage in National Academy of Fine & Performing Arts, Dhaka, Bangladesh, October 10, 2013

2013, Delight of hunting Music composition and direction on the stage in National Academy of Fine & Performing Arts, Dhaka, Bangladesh, April 2013

2013, Music direction on a feature film Nekabbarer Mahaprayan, Directed by Masud Pathik.

2008, Buddhist Music Recital Hey Ononto Punyah produced by Shadhona, 1st show, 14th November 2008 in National Academy of Fine & Performing Arts, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

2007, Music direction (asst) of Stage Drama Nimojjon of Dhaka Theater production, directed by Nasir Uddin Yusuf. First show-20 July 2007, venue-National theater Auditorium, National Academy of Fine & Performing Arts, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

2002, Oct Lyric & Tune composition of theme song for 25th anniversary program of the Rural Electrical Board, 29th October 2002 at Osmani Auditorium, Dhaka, Singing by Subir Nandi and Kanok Chanpa.

2004, Feb Lyric, Tune & Music composition of theme song for Submarine cable opening anniversary program of the Rural Electrical Board. February 2004 at Mehendigonj, Barishal, Bangladesh.

2002, Music Direction for Feature Film Boomerang by NIMCO Production


Permanent add: Jugia Dargah Para, Kushtia 7000

Date of Birth: 1st March 1975

Fathers name: Abdus Sobhan

Mothers name: Amina Khatun

Nationality: Bangladeshi (by Birth)

Marital Status: Married