Profile of Dr. Syed Anwar Husain

... Name Dr. Syed Anwar Husain
Designation Supernumerary Professor
Last Degree B.A.(Hons),M.A.(DU),M. A. (Senior Hons.) Edinburgh,Ph. D.( London)



Dr. Syed Anwar Husain joined the Department of History, University of Dhaka as Lecturer in 1970. He became Professor in 1985; and was retired in 2014. He is now serving as Supernumerary Professor. He was Chairman of the Department of History from 1993 through 1996. Between 1997 and 2001 he was Director General of Bangla Academy, the premier research body in the country. He served as Vice-Chancellor of Darul Ihsan University (Private) between 2004 and 2005. He was the founder editor of daily sun (2010-2012). He received first class Honours and Masters degrees in History (standing first in both) from the University of Dhaka. As a British Commonwealth scholar he took an M.A. Senior Honours degree in International History from the University of Edinburgh; and was awarded Ph.D. in British Administrative History by the University of London. Professor Husain was a visiting faculty at the Columbia University, Pennsylvania University, and American University (Washington, D.C.) and a Scholar-in Residence at the Rockefeller Foundation Study and Conference Centre, Bellagio, Italy. Between 1987 and 1988 he was Senior Fulbright Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley. He served as assistant to Executive Editor, The People (now defunct) in 1968. He also served as the UK correspondent of Desh Bangla from 1973 through 1978. A regular contributor to scholarly journals Professor Husain has published papers on historiography, politics, security, ethnicity, religion, foreign policy relating of Bangladesh, South Asia (covering ancient though contemporary period), the Islamic countries, democracy, civil society, Islam and Muslims in the contemporary world and globalisation. He has so far published 120 professional papers and 35 books. Some of his major books include the following: Bangladesher Swadhinata Juddhe Parashaktir Bhumika (Role of Superpowers in the Liberation War of Bangladesh, 1983), Administration of India 1858-1924 (1985), Back-to-Africa Movement (1984), Prachin Chin Savyata (Ancient Chinese Civilization 1985), Superpowers and Security in the Indian Ocean: A South Asian Perspective (1992), War and Peace in the Chittagong Hill Tracts: Retrospect and Prospect (1999), Muktijuddher Itihas Charcha: Tatto O Paddhati (Vernacular) (Study of Liberation War History: Theory and Method) (2000), Bangabandhu: Neta O Netritya (Vernacular) (Bangabandhu: Leader and Leadership) (2000), Bangladesh: National Scenario, Foreign Policy and SAARC (2003), Bangladesh 2001: Samaj O Rajniti (Bangladesh 2001: Society and Politics) (2003), Bangladesher Rajniti (Bangladesh Politics) (2003), Rabindranather Itihas Chetona (Rabindranath’s Perception of History) (2014). Bangabandhu O Ajker Bangladesh (Bangabandhu and Bangladesh of Today) (2015); Bangladesh: Between Past and Present (2015), Bangladesh: Past through Present (2016).   

 As of 2015 he has participated and chaired in 120 national and international professional conferences. He is the founder president of Bangladesh Association for American Studies (BAAS) and Bangladesh Society of International Studies (BSIS). He was General Secretary of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh for 1990-1991. He is on the Board of Directors, Centre for Development Research, Bangladesh (CDRB). He was Fellow of the Council for World Affairs, California, USA for 1988-1989. He was President of Bangladesh History Association for 2006-08/2008-2010 (two consecutive terms).

His Book Superpowers and Security in the Indian Ocean: A South Asian Perspective has received Bangladesh University Grants Commission Award for outstanding research (1995).


Declared “Man of the Year 1997/Man of the Year 2001” by the American Biographical Institute.

 Research Supervision:

Ph.D.: Completed-10              

M.Phil: Completed-2

Awarded Ekushey Padak, (state award) 2009 by the Government of Bangladesh for outstanding contributions in research on democracy and good governance.

Awarded Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari Gold Medal, 2009 by the University of Dhaka for promoting interfaith harmony.