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... Name Dr. Sakhawat Ansari
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Sakhawat Ansary


Flat: 37/D, North Fuller Road R/A, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Tel: 9661900-73/6413 (Off.), 01819-471571

Fax : 88-02-8615583, E-mail:


  1. Name                                    : Sakhawat Ansary
  2. Father’s Name                      : Md. Abdul Waris Ansary
  3. Permanent Address              : Vill.: Kayetpara, P.O.: Dhamrai, Dist.: Dhaka
  4. Date of Birth                          : 1st January, 1965
  5. Nationality                             : Bengali
  6. Citizenship                             : Bangladeshi by Birth
  7. Educational Qualification     : First Position in First Class in MA in Linguistics

from Dhaka University in 1988; Ph D on Language Policy and Planning from Dhaka University in 2007

  1. Date of Joining, DU              : 26th July 1993 as Lecturer
  2. Present Position of Service : Professor, Dept. of Linguistics, Dhaka University
  3. Consulting Works                 : i) ‘Primary Education and I-PRSP’, article submitted to

       a seminar organized by Action Aid Bangladesh

ii)   ‘Primary Education and I-PRSP : How are we living?’, article submitted to a seminar organized by Action Aid Bangladesh

iii) ‘Education for all: National Plan of Action (2000-2003) — An Evaluation’, article Submitted on 28th August, 2002, CIRDAP

iv)  Seven Keynote Papers prepared along with Prof. M M Akash, Dept. of Economics, Dhaka University for CPD-PET Project on ‘Poverty Eradication’. Performed also the duty of Coordination in the Project

v)   Two Manuals on ‘Advocacy’ and ‘Local Government’ of Neeti Gobeshona Kendra are edited as Editiorial Consultant

  1. Editorial Works                     :i) Editor, Srishti (Collection of Writings by the Workers’ PET, 2003

ii)  Former member of the Editorial Board of Sahitya Patrika, a Research Journal of Dhaka University

iii) Former Member of the Editorial Board of Dhaka Visvavidyalaya Patrika, a Research Journal of Dhaka University

iv) Associate Editor, Manual of Limited Curative Care, QIP, 2001

v)   Editor, Bangalir Bhashachinta, an Undergoing Project of Visvasahitya Kendra

  1. Administrative and

      other Activities                      :i) Former Chairman, Dept. of Linguistics, Dhaka University

ii)           Former Students’ Advisor, Dept. of Linguistics, Dhaka University

iii) Founder Trustee, Peoples Empowerment Trust

iv)  Secretary, Bangladesh Bhasha Shamity

v) Regular Columnist of Different Leading National Daily Newspapers of the Country

  1. Paper Presented in seminer       :a) ‘Bangladesher Bhashaneeti O Bhasha-Parikalpana : Prasanga Daptorik Bhasha’ (Language Policy and Language Planning of Bangladesh : In Context of Official Language), IBS of Rajshahi University, 22nd November, 2014

b)   ‘Shangbidhaner  Bhashabayab : Ekti Parjalochana’ (The Language-form of the Constitution : A Review), Seminar Arranged by the Dept. of Linguistcs, Dhaka University, 28th February, 2015

c)   ‘Shangbidhaner  Bhasha : Chai Shaptadash Shangshodhan’ (The Language of the constitution : Demand of Seventeenth Amendment), Seminar Arranged by the Gana Visvavidyalaya, 21st March, 2015

d) ‘Shangbidhaner  Bhasha : Truti O Asangati’ (the Language of the Constitution : Error and Unreasonableness), Seminar Arranged by the Govinda Dev Centre for Philosophical Studies of the Dhaka Unviersity, 16th February, 2016

  1. Publication List                     :i)  Book
  1. Shironam Bhashashastro (On Linguistics), (Dhaka : Peoples’ Publication, 1993)
  2. Bangladesher Songbidhan : Bhasha–Sangshodhan Prastab (The constitution of Bangladesh: Proposal for Linguistic Amendment), (Dhaka :Muktobuddhi Prokashana, 2016)
  3. Munier Chowdhury: Portrait of a Linguist 

ii)           Published Research Articles

  1. ‘Raja Rammohun Royer Bhasha-Bhabna O Vyakarana-Bhabna’ (Thought of Language and Grammar of Raja Rammohun Roy), Sahitya Patrika, Vol. 40, Part 3
  2. ‘Mrinal Nath, Shamajbhashabijnaner Ruparekha’ (Mrinal Nath, Structure of Sociolinguistics), Bangladesh Asiatic Society Patrika, Vol. 15, Part-I
  3. ‘Dhavani, Bagdhvani, Dhavanibijanan : Ekti Parjalochona’ (Sound, Speech Sound, Phonetics : An Evaluation), Journal of the Institute of Modern Languages, 1999-2000
  4. ‘‘Bangladesher Garoder ‘Abeng’ Bhashar Dhvanitatvik Vichar’’ (Phonetic Analysis of ‘Abeng’ Language of the Bangladeshi Garo), Sahitya Patrika, Vol. 43, Part-2
  5. ‘Bangla Lingavachakata O Er Vaisistya’ (Bangla Gender and its Features)  Pandulipi, Vol. 18
  6. ‘Bangla Lekhyaruper Samskar : Prasangik Vivechana’ (Reformation of Bangla Writing System : Related Investigation), IBS Journal, 1407:8
  7. ‘Bhasa O Samaj : Ekti Akhanda Samajbhasik Avalokan, (Language and Society : A Complete Sociolinguistic Observation), Sahitya Patrika,  Vol. 44, Part-2
  8. ‘Dhamrai-er Upabhasay Dharmiya Pratiphlan : Ekti Rupatatvik Parjalochana’ (Religious Reflection on Dhamrai-Dialect : A Morphological Analysis), Rajniti Arthaniti Journal, Rajniti Gaveshana Kendra, Dhaka Visvavidyalaya, December, 2002
  9. ‘Vayuprabaha Kausal O Bagdhvani Sristi’ (Airstream Mechanism and Production of Speech Sound), Journal of the Institute of Modern Languages, 2001-2002
  10. ‘Munier Chowdhury and His Activities relating to the Bengali Language and Linguistics’, Journal of the Institute of Modern Languages, 2000-2001
  11. ‘The Contribution of Munier Chwdhury to the Bengali Language and Linguistics’, Journal of the Institute of Modern Languages, 2002-2003
  12. ‘Pakistaner Pratham O Dwitiya shangbidhane Bangla Bhashar Marjada’ (The Status of Bangla Language in the First and Second Constitutions of Pakistan), The Dhaka University Journal of Linguistics, Vol, No. 1
  13. ‘Bangladesher Sangbidhane Bangla Bhashar Marjada’ (The Status of Bangla Language in the Constitution of Bangladesh)
  14. Bangla Bhashay Rang-nirdeshak Shabda: Bhashaboigganik Parjabekkhan’ (The Colour-indicating Words in Bangla Language : A Linguistic Observation), The Dhaka University Journal of Linguistics,  Vol. 1, No. 2, August 2008

                                                   iii) Published Article in edited Book.

‘Bangla Bhasha Parikalpana’ (Bangla Language Planning), Pramita Bangla Bhashar Vyakarana (Dhaka : Bangla Academy, 2012)