Profile of Sikder Monoare Murshed (Shourav Sikder)

... Name Sikder Monoare Murshed (Shourav Sikder)
Designation Professor
Last Degree Ph.D

Curriculum Vitae of


Professor, Department of Linguistics &

 Director, Scandinavian Study Center
 University of Dhaka
 Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
 Fax: 8802-9667222, Phone: 88-01712504312
  1. Family name: Murshed 
  2. First names: Sikder Monoare (Shourav Sikder) 
  3. Date of birth: 03 July 1965 
  4. Citizenship/Passport Holder: Bangladeshi 
  5. Education and Participation:



Institution [ Date from - Date to ] 

Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained

Bengali Language and Culture, Aalborg University, Denmark (EC fellowship), (2010-2011 )

Post Doctoral in Bengali language   

Linguistics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2003-2006 

PhD in Indigenous Language of  Bangladesh

Bengali Language and Literature, Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1986-87  

Masters of Arts  

Bengali Language and Literature, Jahangirnagar  University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1983- 1986  

Bachelor of Arts 



       Important Training/Workshop/Conference:

·International Conference of Bengali Language at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS) in Japan, December 2015

·Visiting Fellow of Government Team on Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) in Philippines, July 2015                       

·Combined Dictionary on Bengali Language based Project discussion at University of Maryland and Washing DC, USA  in May 2015                

·Visiting Fellow of Government Team on Primary Education Enhancement through Bengali language in Maldives, April 2015     

·Visiting Fellow of Government Team on Primary Education Enhancement through Bengali language

·Project coordination meeting with Aalborg University representatives in India, February 2015

·Organizing seminar entitled ‘Through Endeavour the Nobel Prize’ by Scandinavian Study Center in December 2014.

·Research of Bangla language at Gifu University in Japan, May-June 2014               

·Minority rights in Bangladesh: Present situation, Forum for Indigenous peoples of Bangladesh and Somprity Mancha, national press club auditorium, 7 December 2013

·Santali Scripts: Selection and debate in Bangladesh; ICAAL 5 conference; Canberra University, Australia, 4-6 September, 2013

·National seminar on `Current implementation status of CHT accord1997’, Key note speaker, Organized by, National Human Rights Commission, Dhaka, 22 April 2013

·Assessment of MTB-MLE status of indigenous communities in CHT, Bangladesh, Northern Arizona University, SILS 20 Indigenous Languages and Education Conference, June-4-5, 2013

·Present situation of CHT accord, Key note presenter, Organized by, Manusher Jonno foundation, Dhaka 1 December 2012

·Organizing international seminar and workshop in ‘E-Policy in Practice’ by Scandinavian Study Center in October 2011.

  • Missionary initiatives: printed first linguistic script of Bangladesh, 6th International congress on Missionary Linguistics, Tokyo University of foreign studies, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo, 183-8534, JAPAN, 16th March - 19th March 2010.  
  • Khasi language of Bangladesh: only representative of Austro-Asiatic family; Fourth International Conference on Austroasiatic Linguistics - ICAAL 4 Bangkok, Thailand, on October 29-30, 2009. 
  • Post colonial Indigenous language & culture change in Bangladesh; Asian cultural change conf. University of Adelaide Australia, 1-5 December 2008  
  • Special Training Course on ‘The Field Linguistics’(endangered language documentation) ,University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), USA funded by NSF, USA held on 23 June- 4 July, 2008 
  •  ‘Developing PPS Text Book for indigenous community of Bangladesh’. Held at Dhaka, 24-25 August 2008 
  • Multilingual Education for Bangladesh Language communities. Organized by SIL, UNICEF & UNESCO, Dhaka on June 5-7, 2005 
  • Regional workshop on curriculum development. Organized by Department of Women Studies, University of Dhaka and ISS, The Netherlands on July 6-8, 2005 
  • Young Muslims in Bangladesh: Developing Djuice culture. Presented at International conference on Muslims youth as a agent of change in Indonesia held at University of Malang and Leiden University, the Netherlands on 27-29 November 2007 
  • Language situation of Bangladesh. ECAMSAS Conference , Laiden, Netherlands, 27-30 June 2006 
  • Indigenous language situation of Bangladesh. 12th HLS, Himalayan language symposium, Katmandu, Nepal, 27-30 November 2006 
  •  Indigenous language and culture change of Bangladesh. SS-15, new castle university UK, April 2004 
  • Workshop on Numerals in the world Languages. Held at  MPI, Leipzig, Germany on 29-30 March 2004 
  • Reforming University Education in Humanities. Organized by Faculty of Arts, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh on 2-3 April, 2003 


  1. Language skills: 

Proficient user of Bengali and English languages. Basic user of Hindi language.


  1. Membership of professional bodies: 
  • Member: Austro-Asiatic language Forum, Canberra, ANU, Australia
  • Member: DDRN(Danish Development Research Network), Copenhagen, Denmark
  •  Member: MLE Forum for Indigenous communities of Bangladesh
  • Life Member: Bangla Academy, Bangladesh. 
  • Life Member: Asiatic society, Bangladesh. 
  • Member: United Nations Association of Bangladesh (UNAB). 
  • Executive Committee Member: text book on Indigenous and culture NCTB. 
  • Member: Dhaka University Teachers Association (DUTA). 
  • Executive Committee Member-International Mother language institute, Bangladesh Gov. 
  • General Secretary: Linguistic society of Bangladesh


  1. Computer skills:  MS Office, especially MS Word MS Excel, MS Power Point and other computer applications. Language related software like PRAAT, FLEX. Advanced internet user.


  1. Present position: Professor, Dept. of Linguistics and Director Scandinavian study Center,   University of Dhaka 


  1. Years of Experience:  21 Years in teaching and research.



  1. Key qualifications:   
  • Teaching 
  • Research on language and culture
  • Human Rights activist
  • Organizing workshop and seminars
  • Interpersonal Communication 



12. Teaching and Administrative Activities

  • 2013-present   Director, Scandinavian Study center, Dhaka University
  • 2008-2011   Editor, Dhaka University journal of Linguistics, Bangladesh (DUJL)
  • 2008-2010  Chairman, Department of Linguistics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • 2008-2010   Convener, Computer Lab., Department of Linguistics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • 2008-present   Member, Executive Committee, International Mother Language Institute ,Dhaka
  • 2003-2006       Student Advisor, Department of Linguistics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • 2004-present    Member, Syllabus and Curriculum Committee, Department of Linguistics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh


Teaching Experiences

  • 1993-Present      BA Honors, Masters, Department of Linguistics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

 ‘Research methodology and Field linguistics’, Language and cultural change,  Bangla language and literature, Stylistics, Media language, Indigenous Language Studies

  • 2004-present       Supervisor, M. A Thesis   (Total 32 Student+ present 2)
  • 2007-present       Supervisor, M. Phil Students (3)
  • 2011-present       Supervisor, PhD Students (1)


  1. Specific experience in the Region 






Jan 2013-present


Scandinavian Study center, University of Dhaka,


Research, Co-ordination and dministration

Dec 2009 –till date 


Department of Linguistics, University of Dhaka,



Teaching,  research and  supervision 



Department of Linguistics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh 

Associate Professor 

Language for Specific Purpose’(LSP); Research methodology and Field linguistics’, Language and cultural change,  Bangla language and literature, Stylistics, Media language; 



Department of Linguistics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh 


Assistant Professor 

Language for Specific Purpose’(LSP); Research methodology and Field linguistics’, Language and cultural change,  Bangla language and literature, Stylistics, Media language; 



Department of Linguistics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh 


Language for Specific Purpose Research methodology and Field linguistics’, Language and cultural change,  Bangla language and literature, Stylistics, Media language; 



Dept. of Bengali Kobi Nazrul College, Bangladesh 


Administration, teaching,  and  research 



Dept. of Bengali Narail Govt. Victoria College,


Teaching: Language, literature and Bangladesh Studies 



Weekly Bichitra, Dhaka, Bangladesh 


Features for Journal, Public relation, Report writing, interview of civil-society, political persons  and government officials  


  1. Others works & research experience 






July 2014- present


International Mother Language Institute (IMLI), Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh


Research, Co-ordination and Administration the linguistic part of ‘The Ethno-linguistic Survey of Bangladesh’ project

September October 2014


ALFP Programme


ALFP Fellowship (Join different workshops, seminars and lectures in five different Universities of Japan regarding Bengali language and culture)



Save  the Children


Assessment of SC-supported Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education (MTBMLE) program in the CHT





National Consultant for formulating Cultural Diversity Strategy

August2012-Sept. 2012




Assessment of Oxfam-supported PPS  Education (MTBMLE)

February 2011-13


NCTB, Dhaka 

Ministry of Education

Indigenous language & culture, text & curriculum  writer

Design a new curriculum & text for grade 6-8 student and write report and articles 

Aug 2010-july 2011 


Post-doc fellowship, Aalborg University

Research fellow 

Bengali language and culture 

Mar 2010 




Language diversity of Bangladesh: Bangladesh National Commission  

May 2009 




Basic education through Mother tongue for indigenous community 

Feb 2009 


Save the children UK, Rangamati   


Multilingual Education of Indigenous Children in  CHT : Status & Recommendations 

July 2008 


MJF, Dhaka 


Going to School: challenges in CHT indigenous student 

June 2009 


Oxfam GB 


Summer Camp on sensitized of indigenous community, leadership and cultural confident build-up 

2008-till date    


Executive committee, IMLI, Dhaka 


International Mother Language institute is a national language research and policy making institution. 

Aug 2008- July 2011 


Dhaka University journal of Linguistics,


Feb 2008 


European Commission, Dhaka 

Paper presenter 

Conference on Chittagong(CHT), paper presenter on ‘Indigenous  language and cultural situation of Bangladesh’ 



 Oxfam GB,


Developing PPS Text for Santal and Oroan indigenous community of Bangladesh 

Jun- Nov 2004 




Feasibility study of bilingual education for Santal, Garo & Chakma communities of Bangladesh 

1995- till date 


Radio & Bangladesh Television,


Language, literature, media and Culture related presentation /attend program. 

1995 – till date    


Bangladesh Television and other private channels,

Critic of Language & culture 

Art, Literature, Culture and language 

1995-till date    


National Dailies and Weeklies, Bangladesh 

Writer of Sub-editorial and features 

Language, literature, Culture, civil society and Human rights related article and columns 



  1. Publications: 




Murshed, S.M. (2016, Feb). The Ethno-linguistic situation of Bangladesh. Matribhasha. Journal of the international mother language institute, Dhaka, Vol. 01.

Murshed SM, Chacón DA, Imtiaz M, and Phillips C (2016) Locality and Word Order in Active Dependency Formation in

Bangla. Front. Psychol. 7:1235. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2016.01235

|Language Sciences Front. Psychol., 25 August 2016 | Subject: Psycholinguistics, Syntax, Processing Across Languages. (Primary Author)

Murshed, S.M. (2014, August). Indigenous languages of Bangladesh. Published in Survival or Extinction? Adivasi Rights in Bangladesh by JAMAKON, Dhaka p.131-151

Murshed, S.M. (2013, March). Cultural Diversity of CHT. E-Published by CHTDF, UNDP, Dhaka p.1-29 

Murshed, S.M. (2012, Feb). Indigenous Languages of Bangladesh. Matribhasha. Journal of the international mother language institute, Dhaka, Vol. 01.

Murshed, S.M. (2009, nov). Chakma Language: ethno-linguistic Analysis. Journal of the institute of modern languages, The Dhaka University, Vol- 22, p.187-208 

Murshed, S.M. (2009). Kuruk Language and linguistic features. Nibandhamala (Collection of research articles), Center for advanced research in the humanities, The Dhaka University, Vol- XV p.109-128 

Murshed, S.M. (2009). The Khasis : Language situation. Journal of The University of Dhaka, vol.90, p. 53-66 

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Murshed, S.M. (2000a). The Novel of Budhadev Boshu. Asiatic Society Research Journal, Vol. 18. Issue-2, Page-295-301 

Murshed, S.M. (2000b). A Novel of Tarashankar: Historical Background. Choudhury, V. (ed.) A commemorative Book on Tarashankar, Dhaka, p. 155-165 

Murshed, S. M. (1999). Use of Words in the Poetry of Jibonando Das,  Bangla Academy Journal, special issue. 

Murshed, S.M. (1998). Introduction to the nature of reading Tagore’s short story, Bangla Academy Journal, Dhaka,  

Murshed, S.M. (1997). The Language of Madusudan Datta’s Drama, Bangla Academy Journal, Vol. No-1, P 166-182 

Murshed. S.M. (1993). The Dialogue of Pre Madusudan’s Drama, Bangla Academy Journal, Vol. 37, No- 1, p. 77-83 

Murshed. S.M.(1991). The Dialogue of the Madusudan’s Farce, Bangla Academy Journal, Vol.3, No- 4, p. 1-27 


Research Books 

Murshed, S.M. (2014), Indigenous Communities of Bangladesh: Language-Culture and Rights. Mowla Brothers, Dhaka.

Murshed, S.M. (2013), Bangla language: Languages of Bangladesh, Aboshor Publication, Dhaka

Murshed, S.M. (2011), Indigenous language of Bangladesh, Bangla Academy, Dhaka  

Murshed, S.M. (2007a). Women image in TV commercial of Bangladesh, OxfamGB, Dhaka, 2007 

Murshed, S.M. (2005). A language guideline book on Santal & Oraon Language. OxfamGB: Dhaka 

Murshed, S.M. (2004b). History of Bangla language & literature. Hasi publication:  Dhaka 

Murshed, S.M. (2004a).  The Style & analysis of Bangla prose fiction & short stories. Khan Brothers: Dhaka 

Murshed, S.M. (2003). Dictionary of Bangla Language & Literature. Mowla Brothers: Dhaka 

Murshed, S.M. (2002). Introduction to Linguistics and Bengali Language. Annana  Prokashani: Dhaka 

Murshed, S.M. (2001a). Language and Style of Michel Modusudan Datta. Bangla Academy: Dhaka 

Murshed, S.M. (2001b). The Versatile Talents of Robindranath Tagore. Kakoli publication:  Dhaka 

Murshed, S.M. (1999). Dictionary of Bengali Spelling and spelling principle. Annana Prokash: Dhaka 

Murshed, S.M. (1996). Stylistics: Bengali Language and Literature. Shananda publication: Dhaka 


Edited Books 

Murshed, S.M. (2002). Magnadbadh of  Michael Modusudan Datta. Mowla Brothers:Dhaka 

Murshed, S.M. (2001a).Thousand Year’s  Bangla Rhyme. Dippro Publication: Dhaka   

Murshed, S.M. (2001b). Sacrifices of Rabaindronath Tagore. Aboshor Publication: Dhaka 

Murshed, S.M. (2001c). Reminiscences of Kazi Nazrul Islam. Dippro publication: Dhaka 

Murshed, S.M. (2000). Nil-darpan of Dinbandhu Mittra. Borno Bichitra: Dhaka 

Murshed, S.M. (1999). Best Works of Rokeya, Sabdo Prokash: Dhaka 


Creative Books: 4 (novel, short story etc.)


  1. Visited Countries:

America, Australia, UK, Denmark, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, India, Nepal, China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, Japan, Philippine etc.






(Sikder Monoare Murshed)