Profile of Mashrur Imtiaz

... Name Mashrur Imtiaz
Designation Assistant Professor
Last Degree MA in Linguistics (DU)



Mashrur Imtiaz


Research profile:


PhD in Linguistics · Jul 2017 – Jul 2021

· Research student: Monash University (Australia) · Clayton campus, Melbourne, Australia

· PhD coursework: IIT Bombay - Monash Research Academy · Mumbai, India

Master of Arts in Linguistics · 2012

· Faculty of Arts, University of Dhaka · Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics · 2011

· Faculty of Arts, University of Dhaka · Shahbagh, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Research Interest

· Morphosyntax · Language documentation and description · Language and digital media

· Philosophy of language ·  Corpus linguistics  ·  Human cognitive processes


Articles and book chapters:

· ‘Locality and Word Order in Active Dependency Formation in Bangla’. Frontiers in Psychology. Language Sciences Front. Psychol.,25 August 2016.

· ‘Internet Language and Internet Linguistics: Primary Reading and Analysis’. Dhaka University Journal of Linguistics. Year 07 & 08 (Combined Issue 13-16). Dhaka. 2016 .

·  ‘The Urges of Language Adaptation for Economic Development within the Garos of Bangladesh’. Indigenous People and Economic Development: An International Perspective (pp.307-324). Oxford, OX14 4RN, UK: Routledge. 2016. (Primary Author)

· ‘Sentence Comprehension in Bengali Patients with Broca’s Aphasia’ Aphasia and Bengali Language: Linguistic Analysis, In Arif, Hakim (Ed.), (pp.77-105). Dhaka: Books Fair. 2015.

· ‘Clinical Linguistics and Bangla Language’. Book co-author. Dhaka: Nabajug Publications. 2014

Honours project and Master’s thesis:

· ‘Language Comprehension Problem of Bengali Broca’s Aphasics: A Test of the Trace Deletion Hypothesis (TDH)’, as a thesis paper at Masters level.

· ‘Articulation Based Social Stratification in Bangladesh: An Introduction’, as a part of research monograph at Honors level.

· ‘Specific Language Impairment among the Children of Bangladesh: An Introductory Survey’, as a part of Clinical Linguistics course.