Profile of Sk. Mamun Mostofa

... Name Sk. Mamun Mostofa
Designation Assistant Professor
Last Degree M.A. (DU)



                                    Assistant Professor

Department of Information Science and Library Management

University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh













Name of the Degree: M.A. (Masters of Arts)

Duration: 1 year

Institution: University of Dhaka

Department: Information Science and Library Management

Result: First Class (Equivalent to Excellent Grade)

Position: First





Name of the Degree: B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) with Honors

Duration: 4 years

Institution: University of Dhaka

Department: Information Science and Library Management

Result: First Class (Equivalent to Excellent Grade)

 Position: First


Higher Secondary School Certificate (2 -years)




Institute:                            Satkhira Govt. College

Result:                                First Division

Secondary School Certificate (10 -years)



Institute:                              Satkhira Govt. High School

Result:                                  First Division*

Scholarships & Awards



  • Scholarship awarded by the education board of Secondary school certificate, 1999
  • Junior scholarship 1996
  • Award received by the Dhaka University Alumnae Association (DUAA) and Eastern Bank Ltd.


Research interests

My research interests includes Digital libraries, Knowledge management, Knowledge sharing, Social networking tools, Information needs and seeking behavior, Use and impact of e-resources,etc.
Teaching areas

  1. Organization of Information
  2. Information and Society
  3. Records and Archives Management
  4. Organization of Knowledge, Cataloguing Theory
  5. Comparative Study of Information Systems
  6. Information Literacy


Professional Career:




Assistant Professor

University of  Dhaka, Bangladesh

27th  September  2017 to till now


University of  Dhaka, Bangladesh

26th  June 2013 to 26th September 2017

Student Advisor

University of  Dhaka, Bangladesh

  1st September  2016 to till now


Institute of Business Studies Darul Ihsan University Dhanmondi 9/A, Dhaka, 1205.

Since November 07, 2011 to May 20, 2013.

Lecturer and Head (acting)


Darul Ihsan University Dhanmondi 9/A, Dhaka, 1205.

Since October 07, 2010 to June 24, 2013.


 Institute of Business Studies Library, Darul Ihsan University, Dhanmondi 9/A, Dhaka, 1205.

Since April 13, 2009 to till January 15 2012.

Lecturer and Course Coordinator

Darul Ihsan University Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Since November 2008 to October, 2010.

Guest Lecturer

 National Academy for Educational Management. Ministry of Education, Bangladesh. Training program for the librarian

Since  2010- 2013

Record Keeping Manager

DFID (Department for International Development) Archives

June – September, 2007.



  • English Department Seminar Library at University of Dhaka to make their seminar library automated.




  • Life Member of Library Association of Bangladesh (LAB)
  • Life Member of Bangladesh Association of Librarians, Information Scientists and Documentalists(BALID)
  • Centre for Information studies, Bangladesh(CIS,B)
  • Bangladesh Archives and Record Management Society(BARMS)


Personal Details

      Name  : Sk. Mamun Mostofa

     Father’s name : Late Sk. Anisur Rahman              

     Mother’s name: Mrs. Nafisa Anis              

     Date of birth:17/01/1982                    

     Nationality : Bangladeshi by birth                     

     Sex :Male                                    

     Religion :Islam 

     Marital Status: Married                       


List of Publications

       Academic Research

  • Library Software Packages and Its Application in Some Selected Private University Libraries in Dhaka City. Thesis submitted to the Department of Information Science and Library Management, University of Dhaka, as a partial fulfillment required for the Degree of Master of Arts. Unpublished.


  Journal Publications (International and National)

  1. Sharif Ul Islam, M., Nowrin, S. & Mostofa, SK.M. (2017). Knowledge Sharing Pattern Among the Arts Faculty Students of Dhaka University. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, Vol. 37, No. 4, July 2017, pp. 243-248 DOI: 10.14429/djlit.37.4.9952
  2. Mostofa, SK.M., Islam, M.& Sharif Ul Islam,M (2016). Students’ perception of social networking tools(SNTs) of higher education in Bangladesh. Eastern Librarian. Vol.  24 No.1 P. 69-65.
  3. Mostofa, SK.M. & Islam, M. (2015).Challenges and opportunities of knowledge management in university library: A case study of Dhaka university library in Bangladesh. Journal of Information Science Theory and Practice. Vol.3 No.4. P. 49-61.
  4. Islam, M. M. & Mostofa, SK.M. (2015)Usage pattern of Facebook among students of Dhaka University: a study. Annals of Library and Information Studies. India. Vol. 62. P.133-37.
  5. Nowrin, Shohana & Mostofa, SK.M. (2015).Expected web-based library services by the students in the faculty of business studies, University of Dhaka Bangladesh. Kelpro Bulletin. Vol.19 No.1.
  6. Mostofa, SK.M. (2015). Culture of Knowledge Sharing among Students: A study of Khulna University. The Arts Faculty Journal. Vol. 6. No. 8. P. 125-145
  7. Raju, M & Mostofa, SK.M., (2015) Existing status of private health libraries (PHLs) in Bangladesh: a survey.  Public Health Journal, Vol. 1, no. 1. American institute of Science.
  8. Mostofa, SK.M., Begum, B. & Islam, M. (2015) Impact of Institutional Repositories (IRs) to Improve Educational Research and Scholarly Communication With Special Reference to Bangladesh and India.  Journal of social sciences and Humanities, Vol. 1, issue 1.
  9. Begum, B. Mostofa, Sk. M., and  Mezbah-ul-Islam, M. (2014). Developing  a New Academic Discipline of Archives and Records Management (ARM) in Bangladesh. ATLANTI. 24 (2). pp. 119-128.
  10. Hossain, Uzzal & Mostofa, SK.M. (2014). Present status of health libraries in Bangladesh: a paradigm shift. International Journal of Library and Information Science, Vol. 4, issue 1.  P. 24-37. Impact Factor (2015): 7.8550.
  11. Mostofa, SK.M. & Hossain, Uzzal (2014). Student’s perceptions of library services in academia of Bangladesh: a case study of Rajshahi University. International Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Literature, Vol. 2, issue 8.
  12. Akter, L. Wafa, SM.  & Mostofa, S.K.M. (2014). Pregnancy Management Behavior of Women in Rural Bangladesh: A study. Integrated Journal of British, Vol.1, issue1. ISSN : 2349-9419 :: UIFactor : 3.3275.
  13. Wafa, S.M.  & Mostofa, SK.M. (2013). A study of eve teasing in Bangladesh. International Journal of Humanities, Arts, Medicine and Sciences, Vol. 1, issue 3.
  14. Mostofa, SK.M. (2013). A Study of Information Needs and Seeking Behavior of Faculty Members of Darul Ihsan University in Bangladesh. Library Philosophy and practice.
  15. Mostofa, SK.M. (2013). Information Access in Rural Bangladesh. European Journal of Developing Country Studies. ISSN (paper) 2668-3385 ISSN (online) 2668-3687.
  16. Islam, S & Mostofa, SK.M. (2013). A Review of Digital Resources among Different types of Libraries in Bangladesh. International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences.
  17. Mostofa, SK.M. (2013). Use and Impact of E-Resources at some selected private universities in Bangladesh. Research Journal of Library Sciences.   
  18. Mostofa, SK.M. & Islam, S (2012). A Snap shot survey of cyber café user’s in Dhaka City. Research Journal of Recent Sciences.
  19. Mostofa, SK.M. (2012). Knowledge management and the role of Librarians and Libraries in the digital age in the perspective of Bangladesh, Indian Journal of Innovations and Developments, Vol.1, issue10.ISSN.2277-5390.
  20. Mostofa, SK.M. (2011). A Survey of Internet Access and Use among Business Students of a Private University of Bangladesh. Annals of Library and Information Science.
  21. Mostofa, SK.M. (2010). Students’ perception in using of Internet: A case study of Dhaka University. National Academy for Educational Management Journal, Ministry of Education. Bangladesh


   Book Chapter

  1. Mostofa, SK.M. (2010). Digital libraries building bridges for the 21st century. Library training manual part-3. National Academy for Educational Management, Ministry of Education .(Bangladesh)
  2. Mostofa, SK.M. (2009). Application area of library software. Library training manual part-3. National Academy for Educational Management, Ministry of Education .(Bangladesh)


Conference paper

  • Mostofa, S.K.M., Hossain, Uzzal & Wafa, S.M. (2015). Library and Information Science (LIS) Education of Bangladesh in the digital age: a changing paradigms. Paper was presented at the international conference on innovation driven librarianship: creating future landscape for the new generation libraries and lis professionals. SRM University, Tamil Nadu, India, June11-June 2015.

                  Short Communications

  1. Mostofa, SK.M. (2015). Preservation of Information resources in 21st century. Seminar on Archives of Bangladesh, Present and future with special reference o the state of local archives. Sunday the 29th November 2015(Bangladesh) .
  2. Mostofa, SK.M. (2009). An Introduction with google scholar. Bishshobiddaloy prorikkroma. (Bangladesh).





Muhammad Mezbah-ul-Islam, Ph.D.
Professor & Chairman

Department of  Information Science and Library Management

University of Dhaka

Cell:  01711244677


Dr. SM. Mannan


Department of  Information Science and Library Management

University of Dhaka

Cell:  01712754231

I hereby declare that all information given herewith is accurate and up-to-date.