Profile of Dr. Md. Ataur Rahman

... Name Dr. Md. Ataur Rahman
Designation Professor
Last Degree M Com (Rajshahi, PhD Benaras)



Dr. M. Ataur Rahman


Department of Management

University of Dhaka, Bangladesh


1.   Father’s          Name                    :   Late Abdur Rahman

2.  Address                              :


     Permanent                                     :   Village: Faridpur ,Post Office:Gopalpur

                                                              District:  Natore, Bangladesh.

     Present                                         :    Department of Management

                                                               University of Dhaka

                                                                F-8 Munir Chowdhury Bhaban,

                                                                Dhaka University Campus.

                                                                Cell No.01712-219 716

3.  Religion                              :     Islam (Sunni)


4.  Nationality                         :     Bangladeshi by Birth


5.  Date of Birth                      :      February 28, 1955


6.   Educational Qualification :     

Name of exam


Board /University

Year of passing

Division /Class

Secondary School Certificate

S.M High School



First(10th Place)

Higher Secendary Certificate

Ishurdi College



First(10th Place)


Management Dept.

Rajshahi University

!975(held in 1979)

2nd(Ist place)

M.Com .  Management

Management Dept.

Rajshahi  University

1976(held in 1979)

Ist (2nd place)

Ph.D  ( Management Training)

Management Studies

Banaras  University India


Degree awarded in




7.   Area of Specialization       :       Management Training


8.    Teaching Experience                  :        34 years (1981-2016)


  1. Dhaka University-34 years 6 months
  2. Rajshahi University-6 months
  3. Southeast University- 2 years
  4. Bangladesh Islami University – 6 months
  5. Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology -6 months
  6. Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management -10 months


9.     Non- Teaching Experience-7 months (Ministry of Planning,

                 Government of  Bangladesh)

10.   Language Proficiency          :

            a)  Bengali                     : Mother tongue

            b)  English           : Excellent

            c)  Arabic            : Reading and moderately understanding 

            d)  Urdu             : Moderately speaking and understanding

            e)  Hindi             : Moderately speaking and understanding


11.   Research Experience   - 3 years Ph.D study period

12.   Research Project          -3 projects completed (under the Bureau of Business Studies University of Dhaka) 1 running (under the Bureau of Business                                                 Studies, University of Dhaka)


13.   No. of Publications       : a) Books - 26

                                                b) Articles – 30 (Published in Journals)


                                                c) Articles – 33 (Published in Newspapers)


14.       Participation in Seminars and Workshops : Participated in three international seminas at home and abroad and around 20 national seminars and workshops.

15.  Training Coordinator: Imparted training of around 400 (four hundred) students in Islamic Economics, Banking and Islamic Insurance. 

16. Country visited : Saudi Arabia, India and Nepal.

17. Experience in Private Universities        : Two years as Chairman and Professor, Dept. of Business Administration , Southeast University, Banani, Dhaka.


18. Supervision of Ph. D Scholars:

  1. Dr. Shahabuddin, Cooperative Societies in Bangaladesh : A Case Study of  Management Systems in Weaving Sector , Department of Management Studies, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2006, Degree awarded
  2. Dr. Sheikh Amir Hossain, Loan and Investment Variety of Conventional and Islamic Banking in Bangladesh, Dept. of Management Studies, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, 2007, Bangladesh, Degree awarded.
  3. Dr. M. Shafiullah, Impact of Earthquake on Dhaka City,  North Atlantic National University, California, USA,Dhaka Campus 2006, Degree awarded.

d) Dr. Md. Abul Kalam , Manufacturing And Supply Chain Management Systems of Cement Industries in Bangladesh, American World University ,Dhaka Campus, 2011, Degree awarded.

e) Md. Mosharraf Hossain, Quality of Working Life of Workers in the Readymade Garments Industry of Bangladesh, Department of  Management Studies , University of Dhaka, March, 2012, Degree awarded.


19.  Supervision of M.Phil Scholars:

  1. Janab Harunur Rashid, Department of Management, Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh, Degree awarded.

b)  Mr. Hedayetullah, Role of  Banks in Rural Development in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd, Department of Management Studies, University of Dhaka,  March, 2009 Degree awarded.

c) Mr. Khairul Hossain, Evaluation of Non- Formal Education Management, Department of Management Studies, University of Dhaka,  March, 2009 Degree awarded.

  1. Mr. Sadruddin Ahmed, Human Resource Management Practices in the Private Sector Banking in Bangladesh: A Case Study on Prime Bank Limited, Department of  Management Studies , University of Dhaka,  March, 2009 Degree awarded.
  2. Mr. Moshiur Rahman, Management System in Social Welfare Services in Bangladesh, Department of Management Studies, University of Dhaka, 2009 March, 2009 Degree awarded
  3. Mr. Salahuddin, Recruitment and Promotion Policies in Private Sector Banks in Bangladesh. A Case Study, Department of Management Studies,  University of Dhaka.  March, 2009.
  4. Mr. Motiur Rahman, Foreign Exchange Transaction of Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.,  Department of Management Studies,  University of Dhaka, March, 2009.  Degree awarded.
  5. Md. Kamruzzaman, Micro –credit Financing for The Rural Development of Bangladesh: A Case Study on BRAC, Department of Business Discipline , National University, Gazipur , 2011, Dissertation submitted.

20. Examination of Ph.D Dissertation:

  1. Dr. Md. Seraj Uddin. Attitude of Customers Toward the Services of Conventional and Islamic Banks in Bangladesh: A Comparative Study, Institute of Bangladesh Studies, University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi, Bangladesh, 2004, Degree awarded.
  2. Dr. Chtralekha Nazneen, Attitude of Women Benefitaries Towards Policy Management of NGOs in Bangladesh: Conflict and Harmonization, Department of Accounting, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh, 2005, Degree awarded.
  3. Dr. Golam Mohiuddin, Islamic Management and its Present Applications in Bangladesh: A Comparative Study, Department of Management, Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh, 2005, Degree awarded.
  4. Dr. Nazrul Anwar ,The Government Budgeting in Bangladesh: The Changes and Challenges, Institute of Bangladesh Studies ,Rajshahi University,2009,Degree  awarded.

21. Examination of M.Phil Dissertation:

  1. Janab Md. Ashequal Hasan, Management of Islamic Banks in Bangladesh: Issues and Prospects for Twenty First Century, Department of Management, Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh, 2001, Degree awarded.
  2. Mrs. Nahid Sultana, A Study on Job Stress and Job Behavior of Female Employees of Export Oriented Garments Industries in Bangladesh, Department of Management, Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh, 2007, Degree awarded.
  3. Mrs. Shahnaj Parveen, Department of Management ,Islamic University,  

   Kushtia, 2009, Degree  awarded.

N.B: At present about 10 fellows are pursuing their M.Phil and Ph.D Research.


22. List of Books ( Bengali &English) -20

1.  Modern Transportation ,Jahanara Book, House Dhaka ,1983

2.  Business Methods & Correspondence, Uttara Publications ,Dhaka, 1988

3. Business Communication & Secretarial Practice, M. Abdullah & Sons,

    Dhaka, 1988

4.  Personnel Management, Hossainia Publications ,Dhaka 1990.

5.  Organizational Behaviour, Uttara Publiations, Dhaka,1990,Revised edition


6.  Management Policy - Procedure & Public Sector Management, Citralekha

     Book Depot , Dhaka 1992,(Co-author)

7.  Auditing :Theory & Practice , Lucky Book House ,Dhaka ,1995 (Co-author)

8.  Introduction to Business, Asian University of Bangladesh, Dhaka ,1996


9.   Introduction to Management, Asian University of Bangladesh, Dhaka ,1996


10. Business Communication & Office Practice, Digital Publications, Dhaka ,      1997(Co-author).

11. Industrial Psychology,Uttara Publications, Dhaka ,2000.

12. Organizational  Behaviour  ( Enlarged  & revised edition),  Commerce 

   Publications, Dhaka  2008 .

13. Human Resource Management, Zahin Publications, Dhaka, 2006.   

14. Human Resource Management  with Special Reference to Bangladesh,

   Zahin  Publications, Dhaka, 2008.

15. Strategic Management, Zahin Publications, Dhaka, 2006.

16. Organizational Behaviour ,   Zahin Publications, Dhaka ,2006.

17. Business Communication, Commerce Publications, Dhaka, 2005.

18. Koushalgata Byasbasthapana, Commerce Publications,  Dhaka, 2008.

19. Strategic Human Resource Management, Zahin Publications, Dhaka ,2009.

20. Industrial Relations, Zahin Publications, Dhaka, 2009.  

21. Industrial Organization and Management of Technology, Zahin Publications,

   Dhaka, 2011.

22. Training and Development, Zahin Publications, Dhaka, 2011.

23. International Management, Zahin Publications, Dhaka, 2012.

24. Bangladesh Studies, Zahin Publications, Dhaka, 2012.

25. Business Communication and Report Writing , Commerce Publications,

   Dhaka, 2011.