Profile of Dr. Sanchita Guha

... Name Dr. Sanchita Guha
Designation Assistant Professor
Last Degree Ph.D Degree

Career object


My career object is to build up a career as which is not merely a means of living but rather a means for making life meaningful and satisfying. I believe that my educational qualification and experience will provide me necessary knowledge to address challenging situation at my working place and in the process. It will also help me to pursue a successful career.


Research Interest


  1. Manuscriptology and Palaeography
  2. Various schools of Sanskrit grammar


Educational Qualifications


M . A.

Department                                                            :             Department of Sanskrit

Name of Institution                                                 :   University of Dhaka

Year of passing                                                       :             2007(Exam. Held 2009)

Result                                                                     :             1st class (1st)


B . A . Hons.

Department                                                             : Department of Sanskrit

Name of Institution                                                 : University of Dhaka

Year of passing                                                       :   2006(Exam. Held 2007)

Result                                                                     : 1st class (1st)


H. S. C.

Group                                                                      : Science

Name of Institution                                                 : Begum Badrunnesa Govt. College

Year of passing                                                       : 2001

Result                                                                      : 1st Division


S. S. C.

Group                                                                     : Science

Name of Institution                                                 : Ibrahimpur Iswar Chandra High School

Year of passing                                                       : 1999

Result                                                                     : 1st Division








  1. 6 Months Basic Computer Course (MS word, Excel, Access, Power Point and Internet Browsing.)
  2. 3 Months Hindi Certificate Course from Institute of Modern Language, University of Dhaka.
  3. 6 Days (16-21March, 2013) workshop on Manuscriptology, University of Dhaka.
  4. 6 Days (24February-01March, 2014) workshop on Manuscriptology and Palaeography, Asiatic Society of Kolkata, India.
  5. 13 Days (17-29March, 2014) textual workshop on Navya Nayaya language, Asiatic Society of Kolkata, India.
  6. 12 Days (08-19December, 2014) workshop on Navya Nayaya Language and Methodology, Asiatic Society of Kolkata, India.
  7. Language Proficiency (Bengali, English, Sanskrit and Hindi: Proficient in Writing, Reading and Speaking).




  1. Heroines of Kalidasa’s Dramma. A comparative Discussion (In Bengali). Pracyavidya Journal, Professor Dilip Kumar Bhattacarya Research Centre, Department of Sanskrit, University of Dhaka, 3rd edition, June, 2013.
  2. Search the nature of the society and culture of Rigveda (In Bengali). Bangladesh National Museum Journal, Bangladesh National Museum, Shahbag, Dhaka, June-2013.
  3. Uses of Labial ba and Intermediate va (In English). Sumedha, The annual research journal, Department of Sanskrit, Pali and Prakrit, Visva-Bharati University (Santiniketan), India, 4th Edition,September, 2015.
  4. Critical edition of Dashabalakarika (In Sanskrit). Sanskrit Sahitya Parishat Journal, Organ of the Sanskrit Sahitya Parishat, Kolkata, Vol. LXXXXVII Nos. 1-4, March 2016.




  1. The Great Poet Kalidasa. Mandakranta; Department of Sanskrit, University of Dhaka, 1st edition-March, 2016.
  2. Hindu Religion and Moral Education (Book of Open University, SSC Programme,     Course code-1655). Bangladesh Open University.




      Assistant Professor, Department of Sanskrit, University of Dhaka

      Joining Date of University               :           26 June, 2012

      Joining Date of Present Post         :           20 December, 2015


Personal Profile


Date of birth                                                           :    01.02.1984

Father’s Name                                                       :    Nikhil Ranjan Guha

Mother’s Name                                                      :    Anuva Guha

Husband’s Name                                                   :     Dibakar Sikder

Present Address                                                    :    House no. 3,Officers Quarter,            

                                                                                   Bangladesh National Museum,

           Shahbag, Dhaka

Permanent Address                                               :    Vill.- Aurangabad,

                                                                                    Post- Aurangabad,                    

                                                                                    P.S. - Dohar, Dist.-Dhaka.

Nationality                                                              :    Bangladeshi (By birth)

Religion                                                                  :    Sanatan (Hindu)

Marital Status                                                         :    Married

Sex                                                                         :    Female

Blood Group                                                           :    B+