List of Distinguished Visitors during the session

1 July 2012

Ms. Rahat Kaunain Hassan, Chairperson, Competition Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad.

3 July 2012

A ten-member delegation led by Ms. Valerie A Taylor, Founder & Coordinator of CRP, Bangladesh.

9 July 2012

Ambassador of Indonesia in Bangladesh Mr. Zet Mirzal Zainuddin.

10 July 2012

Dr. Uche Onyebadi of Southern Illinois University, USA.

17 July 2012

Dr. Ashish Dutta, Assistant Secretary and Dr. Kumar Bibekananda, Research Officer of the Central Council of Homeopathic, India.

24 July 2012

Prof. Janet Wasko, President of International Association for Media and Communication Research and Knight Chair in Communication Research, University of Oregon, USA.

12 August 2012

Prof. Dr. Ahmad M. Fakhoury, Department of Plant, Soil Science and Agricultural Systems, Southern Illinois University, USA.

26 August 2012

Ms. Rosemary Arnott, Director of British Council, Dhaka and Senior Programme Manager of British Council Mr. Kieran Healy.

5 September 2012

Mr. Luis Tejada, Ambassador of Spain in Dhaka.

6 September 2012

Dr. Daniel J. Mabrey, Assistant Dean, Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences, University of New Haven, USA.

8 September 2012

Dr. Kyoko Niwa, Reader, Bengali Literature, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan

10 September 2012

Dr. Jeffry A. Nowak, Director of Science Olympiad and Professor of Science Education and Dr. Ahmed Mustafa, Professor of Biology of Indiana-Purdue University, USA 

11 September 2012

Prof. Kerry Sieh, Director of Singapore Earth Observatory Institute of Nanyang Technological University and Deputy Executive Director of Asian Disaster Preparedness Center of Bangkok Mr. N.M.S.I. Arambepola.

13 September 2012

Prof. Engelsen Ruud, Professor of South Asia Studies, Dept. of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, University of Oslo, Norway  

18 September 2012

A 7-member delegation led by Dr. Peter B. Bloland, Director, Division of Public Health Systems and Workforce Development, Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA.

20 September 2012

Prof. Susanta Sen, Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics of Calcutta University, India.

20 September 2012

Prof. Dr. Gobar (Louis) Hornyak, Deputy Director, Center of Excellence in Nanotechnology, Asian Institue of Technology (AIT), Thailand.

24 September 2012

A 4-member delegation led by Mr. Robin Davies, Director, British Council, Dhaka.

1 October 2012

Ms. Lucia Real-Martin, Director, Emerging Markets-Asia of The Association of Chartared Certified Accountans (ACCA), Australia and New Zealand.

8 October 2012

Mr. Liang Yan, Director of Communication University of China.

9 October 2012

A 5-member Spanish team led by Antonio Abril Abadin, Secretary of the Inditex Board of Spain.

11 October 2012

Prof. Dr. Hans-Jorg Jacobsen, Head, Dept. of Plant Biotechnology, Institute of Plant Genetics, University of Hannover, Germany along with Dr. Fathi Hassan, Post-Doc of the same institution.

16 October 2012

Prof. Dr. Junghoon Choi, Director, Science Education Research Center, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea and Dr. Hwang Bookkee, Research Professor of the same University.

17 October 2012

A three-member delegation led by Professor Emeritus Dr. Yusuke Kawakami, Vice-President, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), Japan.

21 October 2012

 Professor Ashoke Mitra, Former Chief Economic Advisor of Indian Government and former Finance Minister of West Bengal Government.

5 November 2012

Prof. Dr. Rainer Hampel of Freiburg University, Germany.

13 November 2012

H.E. Dr. Mikhail V. Myasnikovich, Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus.

19 November 2012

Mr. Yukio Takeyari, Managing Director of Sony India Software Centre Private Limited and Mr. Toshinori Nakamura, Representative Director of Sony Digital Network Applications, Inc., Japan.

21 November 2012

Prof. Dr. Raihana Abdullah, Department of Shariah and Law, University of Malaya, Malaysia and Deputy Director Dr. Zuraidah Abdullah of the same university.

6 December 2012

Prof. Dr. Michael Humphrey, Department of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Sydney and Dr. Estela Valverde, Associate Professor, Department of International Studies, Macquarie University, Australia.

9 December 2012

Prof. Dr. Chris Rudd, Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nottingham, UK.

11 December 2012

A five-member delegation led by Mr. Alexander A. Nikolaev, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Bangladesh.

17 December 2012

Mr. Gerg Wilcock, Australian High Commissioner in Bangladesh.

18 December 2012

Justice Syed Ashif Shahkar, Member, County Police Board, Stockholm, Sweden.

19 December 2012

Ms. Barbara Stadlmayer, Consultant, Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) Head Office, Rome, Italy.

20 December 2012

Professor Dr. Jiro Yasuda and Assistant Professor Dr. Yohei Kurosaki, Department of Emerging Infectious Diseases, Nagasaki University, Japan.

24 December 2012

Dr. Nobuyuki Oshima, Professor of Division of Mechanical and Space Engineering of Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University, Japan.

30 December 2012

A team of teachers and students of three universities of the United States of America (USA) led by Professor Dr. Mizanur Rahman Miah, Director of the School of Social Work, Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

1 January 2013

Professor Dr. Kenneth Holland and Assistant Professor Julic Lebo, Ball State University, USA.

3 January 2013

Professor Dr. Keith P. West and Associate Professor Dr. Rebecca Day Merrill of Department of International Health of Johns Hopkins University, USA.

8 January 2013

Mr. Dan Mozena, Ambassador of the USA in Bangladesh.

9 January 2013

A 12-member team of teachers and students led by Professor Joe Foote, Dean of the College of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Oklahoma, USA.

9 January 2013

Dr. Jin-Wan Seo, Professor of the Department of Public Administration of Incheon University, South Korea.

10 January 2013

Prof. Dr. Jamal Uddin, Director, Centre for Nanotechnology, Coppin State University, USA.

11 January 2013

Professor Joe Foote, Dean and Edward L. Gaylord Chair of the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Oklahoma, USA.

14 January 2013

Professor Dr. Graeme Hodge, Director of Centre for Regulatory Studies and Professor Dr. Quamrul Alam, Department of Management of Monash University, Australia.

17 January 2013

Prof. Dr. Henry Scheyvens, Director of Institute of Natural Resources Management, Japan and Prof. Dr. Khalequzzaman, Lock Haven University, USA.

24 January 2013

Mr. Joanna Schenke, Political Officer, Embassy of the USA in Bangladesh.

27 January 2013

Deputy Head of Department for the Middle East and North Africa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Deanmank and Ambassador designated to Bangladesh Hanne Fugl Eskjaer.

29 January 2013

Dr. Naoko Kumagai, Assistant Professor of Graduate School of International Relations, International University of Japan.

3 February 2013

Professor Dr. Toshifumi Takada of the School of Accounting, Tohoku University, Japan.

10 February 2013

A 3-member Team of Rotary Group Study Exchange (GSE) led by Dr. Tonya L. Watson, Team Leader of Arizona District of North America.

11 February 2013

Prof. Peter Jones, Director of Wentworth Jones, a UK based International Organization.

13 February 2013

Professor Mizuki Nakama and Professor Eri Habu of the Faculty of Economics, Yamaguchi University, Japan.

16 February 2013

Professor Dr. Britta Thege of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Gender Research and Diversity, University of Applied Sciences, Germany and Dipl.-Soz. Barbara Reschka of the same university.

19 February 2013

A 10-member team of Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) led by Resident Representative of KOICA Office in Bangladesh Ms. Kim Bok-Hee.

27 February 2013

A 2-member delegation led by Karen Lee Rata, Head of Academic Institutions and Executive Programme of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

2 March 2013

A four-member delegation led by Professor Dr. Abdul Rashid Mohamed, Dean of School of Educational Studies, University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia.

6 March 2013

Mr. Roman Kuznetsov, Deputy Director, Mr. Yuriy Skok, Exceutive Director and Ms. Yulia Bornia, Interpreter of Gazprom International of Russia.

6 March 2013

Dr. John Kirkland, Deputy Secretary General of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) and Mr. Robin Davies, Director Partnerships and Programmes of British Council, Bangladesh.

21 March 2013

A three-member delegation led by Mr. Young Choi, Director of My Personal Data Analysis (MPDA) Global Company Ltd., Korea. Other members of the team are Mr. Seunghoon Ji, Chief Technology Officer of MPDA and Mr. Dooseog Hong, National Director of Rodem Foundation in Bangladesh.

24 March 2013

A 26-member team of teachers and students of Ghent University, Belgium led by Prof. Bruno De Cordier and Dr. Bert Suykens.

3 April 2013

Professor Michael B. Krawinkel, Institute of Nutritional Sciences of Justus-Liebig University Giessen and Professor Dr. V. M. Karl-Hans Zessin of Free University of Berlin.

7 April 2013

Former President of British Psychological Society and Trustee of Nasirullah Foundation, UK Dr. Graham E Powell.

13 April 2013

Dr. Gareth Stanton, former Head of the Dept. of Media and Communications, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK.

15 April 2013

H. E. Mr. Alexander A. N. Nikolaev Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Bangladesh.

16 April 2013

A six-member team of Ph.D Scholars of Department of International Relations, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India. 

21 April 2013

Prof. Dr. Ali Ghufron Mukti, Indonesian Vice-Minister of Health.

21 May 2013

A three-member team of Dar es Saalam University, Tanzania led by Prof. Dr. Rwaiche J. A. Minja. Other members of the team are Prof. Dr. John A. M. Mahugija and MSc student Luiamyo Nambela.

27 May 2013

Professor Dr. Elanie Steyn, Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Oklahoma, USA.

28 May 2013

Mr. Li Jun, Chinese Ambassador in Bangladesh.

29 May 2013

Dr. Aleksey D. Ponomarenko, Head of International Affairs & Universities Cooperation of the Rosatom State Corporation Company and Mr. Olga Vinogradova, Project Manager of HR Department of the State Atomic Energy Corporation, Moscow, Russia.

5 June 2013

Mr. Lee Yun-young, South Korean Ambassador in Bangladesh.

6 June 2013

Professor Dr. Harshavardhan Thippareddi and Professor Dr. Jeyam Subbiah, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska, USA.

9 June 2013

Mr. Christian Zurpel, Third Secretary of German Embassy at Dhaka.

11 June 2013

Prof. Dr. Suresh Kumar Chadha of University of Business School, Panjab University, Chandigrah, India.

11 June 2013

Departing Country Representative of UNFPA, Bangladesh Mr. Arthur Erken.

12 June 2013

A five-member team led by Prof. R A Mashelkar, President of Global Research Alliance, India.

17 June 2013

Mr. Dasho Bap kesang, Outgoing Ambassador of Bhutan to Bangladesh.

23 June 2013

A-three member team led by Prof. Dr. Toshifumi Takada, School of Accounting of Tohoku University, Japan.

26 June 2013

Mr. Snehal Sonezi, Country Director, Oxfam, Bangladesh.

27 June 2013

Mr. Huseyin Muftuoglu, Turkish Ambassador in Bangladesh.