Network Services
Internet Services: ICT Cell is providing Internet services to all areas of DU campus through its own campus network. Currently, DU has 2 Gbps Internet connectivity with BdREN (Bangladesh Research and Education Network) and BTCL (Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited). Our network team manages DU’s core infrastructure and data center and also provides technical support to all departments, institutes, halls and administrative offices ensuring uninterrupted high speed network connectivity.
Server System: The network team is responsible for configuring and maintaining the server infrastructure to host different web applications such as websites, web services etc. from its data center. It also ensures the security of the data and applications. Using a open source VM management tool, it also provides virtual servers for multipurpose usages.
Campus Network: The network team manages one of the largest campus networks in our country. Every academic, administrative and residential building in DU is connected to the Campus Network with optical fiber links. The fiber backbone of the campus network is mostly underground encompassing the 600 acres campus of DU.
IP-Phone: ICT Cell provides modern IP based digital telephony service over its Campus Network. The network team is responsible for managing the infrastructure of IP-Telephony service and provides required technical support to IP-Phone users.