Department Name: Department of Fisheries








The department has been using the western ground floor of department of Zoology, the east side of the Curzon Hall building (ground and 1st floor) and the new academic building of its own. The own academic building is located behind the Science Workshop. This building is a proposed 5 storied building of which the construction of the ground floor has accomplished and fully functioning. An aquatic lab with partially functioning hatchery has been established there to provide excellent in hand experience of the students on hatchery management. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor of this building will provide classroom and teacher's room and office room including Chairman's room. The east side of the Curzon hall is being used as 2nd, 3rd, 4th year theory and practical class room, seminar library, laboratory and teacher's room. The part adjacent to the department of Zoology is being used as Chairman's room, Office room, 1st year's theory and practical classroom and teacher's room.

The students of the department used to go for study tour each year on different fish and shrimp farm, hatcheries, fish landing center, processing plant and feed processing plant to gather field oriented knowledge and experiences. In this year, the 4th year and 2nd year students visited Sunderbans as a part of their study tour. They also have a training session under NFEP (Northwest Fisheries Extension Project) of GoB which provided field oriented fisheries extension training.