Department Name : Department of Sculpture

Sculpture has a unique history with its capacity to exist in real time and space, three dimensional and tactile qualities, capacity to be in open air, permanence, and association with architecture. Sculpture has played a significant role in personal and collective human life. The Department of Sculpture was established in 1963. Prof. Abdur Razzaque (1932-2005) was given the responsibility of founding the department. Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin was aware that an art education institution could not be considered complete without incorporating the important medium of sculpture. Abdur Razzaque was deeply interested in drawing and had experience in sculpture which is probably why Shilpacharya thought he was the best person to establish the Sculpture Department.

Currently there are eight faculty members in the department. Professor Hamiduzzaman Khan is Honorary Professor of the department. He is a nationally and internationally renowned artist. The faculty members have diverse research interests and specializations which gives students exposure to a variety of processes and methods.

The current syllabus introduced in the 2013-2014 session amalgamates making skills and techniques with a focus on self directed study and individual development of students with the aim to developing artists capable of individual research and experimentation. Besides the introduction to more traditional materials, students are encouraged to experiment with a variety of materials including new media. The aim is to guide them to explore their individual potentialities to the full by challenging their ability to experiment and explore the scope and diversity of the sculptural media.

The department is currently engaged in an education exchange program with the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London of the United Kingdom under the INSPIRE (International Strategic Partnerships in Research and Education) project of the British Council.

Display of the Annual Exhibition 2014 of Department of Sculpture