Department Name : Department of Statistics

In Dhaka University, the Department of Statistics was established in 1950 by Dr. Qazi Motahar Hussain, a distinguished statistician who was the first Head of the Department. From the very beginning the department has earned reputation in producing statisticians who became famous nationally and internationally. The department offers B.S. Honours, M.S., M. Phil and Ph.D, degrees in Statistics. Besides, the Department also offers minor courses on Statistics for the students of other disciplines.

The research areas include- Econometrics and Quality Control, Experimental Design and Numerical Mathematics, Demography and Research Methods, Analysis of Variance and Statistical Methods,Operations Research, Experimental Design and Inference, Sampling Techniques and Econometrics Statistics, Inferences and Multivariate Analysis,Demography and Multivariate Analysis, Demography and Regression Analysis, Stochastic Process and Computer Package, Biostatistics and Sampling Distribution Probability.

An increasing number of students are doing thesis in M.S., M.Phil. and Ph.D. levels. A good number of international journals (back volumes) are available in the library of the department.

The department has a computer laboratory with modern technology.