Faculty Members List (Institute of Nutrition and Food Science)
Picture Name Designation Phone Email Profile
Dr. Sk. Nazrul Islam Professor & Director 9661920-73 ext 8400, 8401, 8418 sheikhnazrul@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Khursheed Jahan 9351450(Res.), 9362432(Res.) kjahanuniv@gmail.com View
Dr. Sagarmay Barua Honorary Professor 9664663(Res.) sagarmay_infs@yahoo.com View
Dr. Md. Aminul Haque Bhuyan 8619923 (Res), +88-01711167070 amin_bhuyan@yahoo.com View
Dr. Nazma Shaheen Professor 8621636 (Res.) nazma_bd@yahoo.com View
Mrs. Sultana Sayeed 9661900 sultanasayeed6@gmail.com View
Dr. Khan Moududur Rahman moudud@udhaka.net View
Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam Khan Professor 8911506 (Res.) naharnaz@dhaka.net View
Dr. Khaleda Islam Professor +88-01791578488 arunadu15@gmail.com View
Dr. Lutfor Ahmed 8610304 lahmed@udhaka.net View
Mr. Md. Mohiduzzaman Professor 9358093 qstullah@bangla.net View
Mrs. Sayeeda Gaffar 9660405 sayeda_gh@hotmail.com View
Dr. Md. Saidul Arefin Professor 9662620 arefin.saidul@gmail.com View
Dr. Abu Torab Md. Abdur Rahim Professor 9667349 torabrahim@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Md. Akhtaruzzaman Professor 01913988188 makhtar@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Md. Nizamul Hoque Buiyan Professor 88-01925807847 buiyan.nizamulhoque@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Sharmin Rumi Alim Professor 9614558 (Res.) sharminalim@yahoo.co.uk View
Dr. Md. Abduz Zaher Associate Professor 9554686 (Res.) simizaher@yahoo.com View
Md. Khurshidul Zahid Assistant Professor +8801717084990 zahidinfs@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Kazi Muhammad Rezaul Karim Associate Professor +8801818791442 rezaul.infs@du.ac.bd View
Md. Ruhul Amin Associate Professor +88 013 034 55091 ruhul.infs@du.ac.bd View
Ali Abbas Mohammad Kurshed Assistant Professor +88-01752797133 abbaskhorshed@du.ac.bd View
Ila Ismail Assistant Professor +88029661920-73 Ext-8425 ila_ismail08@yahoo.com View
Dr. Sumaiya Mamun Assistant Professor Mob: +880 1580114641 sumaiya.mamun@gmail.com View
Sharmin Hossain s_hossain18@yahoo.com View
Benajir Shams +88-01830621629 benajirshams@du.ac.bd View
Avonti Basak Tukun Assistant Professor 01552402896 avonti.basak@du.ac.bd View
Saiful Islam Assistant Professor saifulinfs@du.ac.bd View
Hazera Binte Sufian Lecturer aesthetic.3m@gmail.com View
Saba Tasnim Lecturer sabbaa_tasnim@yahoo.com View
Kazi Turjaun Akhter Assistant Professor turjaunpapri@gmail.com View
Nafis Md. Irfan Lecturer +8801673157901 nafis.irfan@du.ac.bd View
Ishrat Nourin Khan Lecturer +8801674290069 ishrat.nourin@du.ac.bd View