Name of Hall:  Ruqayyah Hall
Head of Office:  Professor Dr. Zeenat Huda
Designation:  Provost

With twelve female students, the first Women’s residential hostel of University of Dhaka started functioning at Chameli House in 1938. This hostel was recognized as Women’s Hall from September, 1956. In 1964, this Women Hall was named as "Ruqayyah Hall" after the name of Begum Ruqayyah who dedicated her whole life to emancipate the women of this sub-continent. Mrs. Akther Imam, Professor of Philosophy, University of Dhaka was the first Provost of this Hall.

Ruqayyah Hall is existing in its own glory along with three spacious buildings, namely:
(1) Main Building, (2) Extension Building and (3) New Building. Recently the names of these buildings have been changed to (1) Shapla, (2) Aporajita and (3) Chameli, respectively.

Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, laid the foundation stone of 7th March Building of Ruqayyah Hall on November 14, 2012.

Former Provosts
1. Mrs. Akhter Imam (Full-time), September, 1956 to October, 1963
2. Mrs. U.K. Siddika Huda (Acting), Only for 3 months in 1959
3. Dr. Syeda Fatema Sadeq (Acting), May, 1962 to July, 1962
4. Mrs. Meher Kabir Chowdhury, October, 1963 to October, 1965
5. Mrs Akhter Imam (Full-time), October, 1965 to February, 1972
6. Dr. Safia Khatun (Acting), Only for 3 months in 1969
7. Mrs. Meherunnesa Chowdhury (Acting), February, 1972 to May, 1972
8. Dr. Nilima Ibrahim, May, 1972 to September, 1977
9. Dr. Razia Khan Amin, September, 1977 to May, 1978
10. Mrs. Begum Maksuda (Acting), May, 1978 to March, 1979
11. Mrs. Rahmot Ara Hossain (Part-time), March, 1979 to December, 1979
12. Mrs. Begum Maksuda (Acting), December, 1979 to August, 1982
13. Dr. Nurun Nahar Faijunnesa, August, 1982 to May, 1990
14. Mrs. Begum Maksuda (Acting), May, 1990 to July, 1990
15. Dr. Z. N. Tahmida Begum, July, 1990 to August, 1996
16. Prof. Nurun Naher Rahman, 17th August, 1996 to 8th October, 1999
17. Prof. Shamima Chowdhury, 9th October, 1999 to 15th February, 2002
18. Mrs. Tahmina Akhter, 16th February, 2002 to 31st March, 2002
19. Dr. Tajmeri S. A. Islam, 1st April, 2002 to 21st March, 2008
20. Dr. Shefali Begum (Acting), 1st April, 2008 to 7th April, 2008
21. Mosammet Asma Jahan (Acting), 8th April, 2008 to 16th April, 2008
22. Dr. Laila Noor Islam (Part-time), 17th April, 2008 to 16th April, 2011

23. Dr. Nazma Shaheen
Description: Administrative Structure

Professor Dr. Zeenat Huda

Principle House Tutor
(1) Mrs. Jahanara Khan

Part-Time House Tutors
(1) Mrs. Gagayyaba Kizilgul
(2) Mrs. Lafifa Jamal
(3) Dr. Salma Nasrin
(4) Mrs. Syeda Atiqun Nahar
(5) Mrs. Suraiya Akter
(6) Dr. Afrose Sultana Chamon
(7) Mrs. Rowshan Akter
(8) Mrs. Rumana Parveen
(9) Mrs. Monira Begum
(10) Mrs. Khandker Khairunnahar
(11) Mrs. Usmita Afrose
(12) Mrs. Sumaiya Farhana Kabir
(13) Ms. Sonia Tammana
(14) Mrs. Farhana Ferdousi
(15) Ms. Khonika Gope

Assistant House Tutous
(1) Mrs. Nomita Mondol
(2) Mrs. Moshahida Sultana

Part-Time Psychologists
(1) Mrs. Tamima Tanjin
(2) Mrs. Jobeda Khatun

Senior Administrative Officers
(1) Mr. Abul Kashem Khondaker
(2) Ms. Salma Akhter

Administrative Officers
(1) Mrs. Rashida Begum
(2) Mrs. Salina Akter
(3) Mrs. Hasina Begum (Atik)

There are 23 class III and technical employees and 48 class IV employees in Ruqayyah Hall.

Number of Students
There were 7800 female students in the 2011-2012 academic session of which 1700 were residents and 6100 were non-residents.

The residential students are selected from the top of the merit list of the University of Dhaka. In each academic session, scholarship is given to the poor and meritorious students. Besides, other scholarships are granted from Board and University as well.

The Female Student Body/Cabinet/Union
No election was held since 1991-1992 to elect the DUCSU and Female Students Union.

National Programs
Each year, the Hall observe International Mother Language Day (February 21),  Independence Day (March 26), National Mourning Day (August 15), Intellectual’s Martyr Day (December 15) and Victory Day (December 26) with due respect and solemnity.

Religious Programs
Ifter parties are arranged in the Holy month of Ramadan. A Milad Mahfil is observed on the occasion of Holy Eid-e-Miladun-Nabi and Shab-e-Barat. Apart from this, Sarashwati Puja is also celebrated. All the Hindu students take part in this festival. The Vice-Chancellor, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Treasurer, Ministers, Provosts of different Halls and the university teachers visit the idol at the Hall and enjoy the cultural programmes.

Ruqayyah Day
Every year Ruqayyah Day is observed on the birthday of Begum Ruqayyah (December 09). This day is celebrated with great enthusiasm with the initiative of Ruqayyah Memorial Foundation since 1986. Discussion meetings and rallies are arranged on this occasion. According to the basic policy guidelines of Begum Ruqayyah Memorial Foundation, the selected meritorious female students are awarded with gold medal, talent pool scholarship and general scholarship.

Literary and Cultural Week
Along with the educational curriculum, the Hall authority renders much emphasis in literature, culture and sports for the students of Ruqayyah Hall. Each year the residential and non-residential students of Ruqayyah Hall participate in the literary and cultural week. Prizes and certificates are distributed amongst the winners.

Freshers Reception and Farewell Ceremony
Every year programs are chalked out to welcome the freshers and also for giving farewell reception to the out-going students.

Annual Sports Competition
Each year, Annual Sports Competition is held in the playground of Ruqayyah Hall. Prizes and certificates are distributed among the winners.

Indoor Sports Competition
The indoor sports competition is organized each year in the Hall Lounge.

Hall Library
There is a library in Ruqayyah Hall. Around 4495 books are available in the library. Resident students of the Hall can get the books issued from the library. They can study in the library as well. Every year new books are purchased for the students.

Reading Room and Hall Lounge
Ruqayyah Hall has three well furnished Reading Room. There are facilities for photocopy in the Hall. There are two Television in the lounge for the entertainment of the students. Daily, weekly and monthly Bengali & English newspapers and magazines are supplied in the reading room.

At present there are twelve computers, one printer and one scanner in the Ruqayyah Hall Cyber Center. The hall office, provost office and house tutor office also have well-equipped computers and printers.

Prayer Room
There is a room for offering Salat. The students can offer Salat here at their convenient time.

Hall authority has arranged Laundry facilities keeping in mind the needs of the student.

Others facilities
There is one co-operative store inside the Hall. Student can purchase necessary items at the time of emergency.

Hall Garden
Every year various seasonal flowers and other trees are planted in the Hall garden. Besides, there is a medicinal plant garden in the Hall.

In considering the demand of the students, the cafeteria system has been introduced instead of mess system. In addition to this, there is also a canteen is the Hall.

Ranger Unit
Ranger unit of Dhaka University has been established in 1973. The ranger unit was established comprising of the enthusiastic students of two Women’s Halls of that time. Ranger unit of Ruqayyah Hall is serving in various programs for the welfare of the social development.
The contribution of the students of Ruqayyah Hall in the development of the society is praiseworthy. Ranger unit, being a voluntary welfare organization, participates in various cultural functions of the Hall and University. There is an Executive Committee of the Ranger in the Hall. And there are four members of the Advisory Committee among the guiders.

The activities of Ranger are as follows:
1. To participate in camps.
2. To participate in Vaccination Programs.
3. To conduct Mass-Education Projects.
4. To participate in Educational Tours (Home and Abroad).
5. To take part in the Plantation programs.
6. To perform leading role in maintaining discipline in different functions/ceremonies of the University.

By participating in the above mentioned activities, the Ranger can have the training for social,  leadership and self development.

B.N.C.C. (Bangladesh National Cadet Core)
The students of B.N.C.C. also participate in the social development work as volunteers. They always remain alert in maintaining discipline and order in different functions/ceremonies of the Hall as well as of the University.

Badhan Unit
Badhan Unit of Ruqayyah Hall has been established in collaboration with Badhan Central Committee. This unit is always active. The main function of the unit is to serve the ailing humanity. The members of Badhan donate blood voluntarily. Blood groups of the members are displayed in the Notice Board so that appropriate donors can be found easily at the time of need. Bedsides these, seminars and symposiums are being held to educate the students on  how to test blood group, how to inject Hepatitis Vaccine and grow awareness about AIDS & Breast Cancer.

Ruqayyah Bitarka Angan
In 1995, Ruqayyah Bitarka Angan started its journey under the patronization of the then honorable provost and a few respectable House Tutors along with enthusiastic students of the Hall. The debating club is conducting regular debating sessions since its inception. The debating club arranges debating session once in every week. Fresh debaters participate in the debate with the senior debaters and in this way they learn the art of debate.

Besides these, Ruqayyah Bitarka Angan takes part in the debating competition arranged by D.U.D.S (Dhaka University Debating Society) and other Halls of the University and other Universities also.

Ruqayyah Bitarka Angan arranged first Inter Club Debating Competition under the tittle  “Apan Canvase Khuji Muktir Barata” from 1st September to 15 September, 2004. Thirty four debating clubs of Public and Private Universities of Dhaka city took part in the competition. The competition was sponsored by Tibbat, Prothom Alo and Partex Group. Ruqayyah Bitarka Angan successfully arranged Inter Club Debating Competition in 2010. Sixteen debating clubs took part in this competition. In 2012, Ruqayyah Bitarka Angan arragned an Inter Club Debating Competition under the slogan “Aguner Poroshmoni Chhowao Prane”. The competition was sponsored by Janata Bank Limited. Twenty debating clubs of various halls and departments of University of Dhaka participated in this competition.

Resident student - 1700
Non-resident student – 6100