Name of Hall:  Salimullah Muslim Hall
Head of Office:  Professor Dr. Md. Majibur Rahman
Designation:  Provost
˜Nathan Committee" constituted by the British Government recommended to establish a tertiary level educational institution for the people of the East Bengal in 1912. Considering the report submitted by Mr. Nathan, Calcutta University Commission took decision of establishing a residential hall based university and after much dispute, Mr. PG Hartog, took over the charge of Vice Chancellor of the University of Dhaka on 10 Dec 1920. Enrollment of students started from 10 July 1921.

In the beginning, the journey of Dhaka University started with three halls (Salimullah Muslim Hall, Jagannath Hall & Dhaka Hall). In 1921-22 session, Salimullah Muslim hall started functioning with 75 residential students (according to another opinion 87) and 103 non residential students on the first floor of Dhaka Medical College. Ahmed Fazlur Rahman, Reader of History Department (Associate Professor), Ex-Faculty of Aligarh Muslim University (alma mater from Oxford University) was appointed as Provost of Salimullah Muslim Hall. The Present building of Salimullah Muslim Hall was inaugurated on 11 August 1931.


Administrative Structure


Professor Dr. Md. Majibur Rahman

House Tutor

1) Md. Shamsul Alam
2) Md. Sohrab Hossain
3) Dr. Md. Mofazell Hossain

Assistant House Tutor

1) Dr. Saiful Islam
2) Muhammad Omor Faruq
3) Dr. Sabbir Ahmed

Senior Administrative Officer

Md. Abdul Khaleque

Administrative Officer

Syed Monowar Rahman


45 Employees (class III & IV) are working in different positions

Number of Students

In 2003-2004 session total number of students of this hall was 2125

Scholarships, financial grants and others

Meritorious students of this hall are awarded with scholarships. Financial aid and books are distributed among them from different sources i.e. UGC Scholarship, Board Scholarship, District Council, Sena Kallyan, Saleh Din Kin and Begum Faruk Sultan Kin Foundation, MA Khaleque & ANH Bari Trust & Ex-student welfare association fund. Besides, a good number of students get pecuniary support from student welfare fund as per recommendation of concerned house tutors.

Salimullah Muslim Hall Alumni Association awards three Gold Medals every year on his basis of Honours results.

Religious and National Programmes

Discussion meetings, Milad Mahfil and Doa Mahfil are held in the hall mosque in celebration of Sheb-e-barat and Sheb-e-qader every year.

Floral wreaths are placed in Mirpur Shaheed Intellectual Memorial plaque and National Mausoleum at Savar in commemoration of Shaheed Intellectual Day, Victory Day and Independence Day. On 21st February, flower bouquets was offered in Central Shaheed Minar by the teachers and students.

Annual Sports

Annual Sports Competition is held at Central Sports ground every year.

Mess System in dining hall

Dining mess managed by students runs in the hall under of the supervision of the house tutor.

Card Phone

For the convenience of students, there is a card phone booth in the hall premises.


Badhan is a voluntary blood donation organization. Many students of this hall voluntarily donated blood. Students come to know information about Badhan from a notice board.

Hall Garden

To add beauty and increase aesthetic pleasure, different flower plants and valuable trees were sowed. In this year, roads beside the eastern side of the garden have been newly constructed.

Debating Club

Hall debating club participate in TV debate competition.

Hall Library

Books are issued to students from hall library. Students can study here. Books are also purchased from university fund.

Study Room

There are two study rooms on the two sides of dining hall gate. Students read daily, weekly and monthly magazines. Due to increase of students in rooms, a separate study room has been arranged so that students can read in calm atmosphere. Here, students can study any time of day and night.

Drama and Music Club

In a separate room, students practise drama and music regularly.

Indoor games and cultural week

Every year indoor games and cultural week is celebrated with the participation of large number of students.

Renovation of the Hall Building

Total renovation of Hall building is in progress with special donations from Honourable Prime Minister and Ministry of Finance.

SM Hall Monitoring