Name of Hall:  A.F. Rahman Hall
Head of Office:  Dr. A.K.M. Saiful Islam Khan
Designation:  Provost

Naming of the Hall

As per the decision of the Dhaka University Syndicate meeting dated 21/08/1976, the then Hostel-1 was named as “A.F. Rahman Hall” after the name of the first Bangali Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University and renowned educationist Sir A.F. Rahman. Though the word ‘Sir’ was not included in the naming of the Hall at that time, a recent meeting of Dhaka University Syndicate held on 13/03/14 added the word ‘Sir’ and renamed the Hall as “Sir A.F. Rahman Hall” in honour of the then Vice-chancellor of Dhaka University.


A brief note about Sir A.F Rahman

Sir A.F.Rahman was born on 28th December 1889 in the Jolpaiguri town of West Bengal. His full name is Ahmad Fazlur Rahman, and his father was Moulvi Abdur Rahman. As a student, he was extra-ordinarily meritorious. He passed the Entrance Examination in 1908, with scholarship, from the Jolpaiguri Zilla school. He obtained the B.A. (Hons.) Degree in History from Oxford University of England in 1912. Afterwards, he was engaged in research on “Political Economy” for two years at the London school of Economics.

Sir A.F.Rahman returned home from England in 1914 and joined as a lecturer in the Department of History of ‘Aligarh Anglo-Oriental College’ (now, Aligarh Muslim University). He was nominated as one of the distinguished members of the committee constituted to transform the aforesaid college into a University, and was also appointed as the secretary of the committee constituted for reform/ reconstruction that would be necessary if the college was transformed to a University.

 As a member of the Commission of Calcutta University, Sir A. F. Rahman played a vital role in the establishment of the University of Dhaka. After establishment  of the University of Dhaka on 1st July 1921, Sir A.F Rahman, being  requested by the First Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University Sir P.J. Hurtog,  left the job at Aligarh and joined Dhaka University as a Reader (Associate Professor) of the Department of History. Later on, he was appointed as the First Provost of the Muslim Hall (now, Salimullah Muslim Hall) of Dhaka University.

Soft-spoken Sir A.F.Rahman was a famous historian, politician, and social reformer. Being voted by the Registered Graduates, he was elected a member of the then Bengal Parliament in December 1923 as a representative of Dhaka University. In November 1927, he was again elected, unopposed, a member of the Bengal Parliament from Nilphamary (now, a District) constituency. On joining the Bengal Parliament, Sir A.F. Rahman proved his wisdom. After completing his duration of membership in the Parliament, Sir A.F. Rahman was appointed a member of the Bengal Voting-rights Committee as well as a member of the Commission of Punjab University.

Being convinced of the work skill & efficiency of Sir A.F.Rahaman, the then British Government appointed him as the Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University on 1st July 1934. As the first Bangali Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University, Sir A.F. Rahman discharged his responsibilities with high credibility till 31st December 1936. In recognition of his successful and famous contributions, the University of Dhaka conferred on him the Honorary Doctorate Degree in the year 1937.

To recognize his excellent deeds, the British Government honored Mr. Ahmad Fazlur Rahman by awarding the royal ‘Night’ title in the year 1942. But it is our misfortune that this great man of rare talents passed away on 10th December 1945 only at the age of 56 years.



Dr. Md. Aftab Uddin

House Tutors:

1. Dr. Muhammad Musleh Uddin

2. Mohammad Ashaduzzaman

3. Mohammad Abser Kamal

4. Mohammad Shahadat Hossain Siddiqui

5. Mohammad Saiful Alam Chowdhury

6. Md. Ashiqur Rahman


Assistant House Tutors :

1 .Helal Hossain Dhali

2. Md. Asrful Alam

3. Md. Mumit-Al-Rashid

4. Md. Mainuddin Mollah

5. Md. Mostafa Monjur

Assistant Warden,  Shahnewaz Bhaban, extention of Sir A.F. Rahman Hall

Md. Nazir Hossain Khan

Administrative Officers:

1. Md. Abdur Rabb (Sinior Admin. Off.)

2. Md. Abu Taher Akanda

3. Md. Abul Hashim Sarker

4. Md. Tajul Islam Patwary

5. G.M. Monruzzaman


Imam Khatib:

Hafez Mohammad Amir Hossain

Total Staff (54 Persons):

Number of Officers                                  -- 06

Number of class III (Non-technical staff) -- 04

Number of class III (technical staff)        -- 04

Number of fourth class employees           -- 40



Number of Students (including Shahnewaz Hostel):

Resident students:                                                                  --496

Permitted Dublars:                                                                  --496

Non-resident attached students:                                             --895

Students pursuing special courses(M.phil, Ph.D.etc.):            --142

Total number of students attached to the Hall=2029


Student’ Union: During the session under consideration no elections of the students’ Union were held.

Administrative activities:

The hall is run by the Hall Provost through a team of House Tutors/Asstt.House Tutors/Warden/Asstt. Warden. However, usually the Hall Provost distributes most of the administrative duties among the house tutors, assistant house tutors, warden and assistant warden. A team comprising one House Tutor and one Asstt. House Tutor is in the overall responsibility of each floor in the Hall. House Tutors/Asstt. House Tutors visit their respective floor two days in a week and also sit in  House Tutors office once in a week to perform desk work. Administrative meetings are held at regular intervals to solve problems if any and to monitor progress of various activities. Whenever  situation demands, the Hall Provost calls emergency meetings. In case of a crisis situation, the Hall Provost also sits with the activists of  different student organizations and seeks their suggestions to overcome the same. The hall administration always puts its maximum efforts to ensure food and seat for the valid students of the Hall and also to ensure discipline and a congenial atmosphere in the Hall.

The  situation of occupying rooms/seats by force, as was prevalent in the past, has been abolished during the recent days, and for the last one year and a half, residentship or permission for doubling are being given to the attached students of this Hall according to specific  procedures.


Hall library:

Hall administration always tries to keep the library up-to-date as far as possible with the limited resources. Every year, hall purchases new books in consultation with all the House Tutors/Assistant House Tutors/Warden /Assistant Warden/, as well as keeping in view the requirements of the students of various disciplines.


Hall reading room:

The reading room of the hall is very helpful for the students. Thriteen daily newspapers and other magazines are kept here for the students.


Hall sports:

  • Annual Sports of the Hall have been observed on 10th Janary 2013 in a befitting menner. Honorable Pro-Vice Chancellor (Adminastration) Prof. Dr. Shaheed Akhter Hossain inagurated the Annual Sports as the Chief Guest. Prizes wre distributed among the winners of Sir A.F. Rahman Hall Sports-2013 by the Honorable Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic) Prof. Nasreen Ahmad. In the annual sports,Mr.Shobuj of the 4th year (Hons.) of Philosophy Department became the champion and Mr. Md. Rajon of Masters class in Bangla Department became the Runnerup.


  • Sir A. F. Rahman Hall earned the credit of becoming Runnerup in the 44th Inter-Hall Athletics copetition-2013.
  • The athlets of A.F Rahman Hall secured the 2nd and 3rd positions respectively in the 10,000 miters race and 5,000 miters race of the Inter-University Athletics Competition-2013


Additionally, there are good facilities in Sir A.F.Rhaman Hall for playing Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, Football, Volley Ball and Badminton.

Debating Competition:

Like the previous years, Sir A.F. Rhaman Hall Debating club participated in various debating competitions this year, some of ahich include:

  • 7th Surjya Sen Memorial Inter-club Debate competition and Debate competition Festival-2013(22-24 Feb./’13).
  • 5th Pollykobi Inter-club Debate competition-2013 (14-16 March/’13). In this competition, Sir A.F.Rahaman Hall team became the Runnerup.
  • Bangabandhu Hall, Inter-club Debate copmpetition-2013 (21-23 March/’13).
  • 1st DFH-FHDC National Inter-club Economics Debate competition-2013 (02-04 May/’13).
  • Semi-Final- Dhaka University Debating Society ‘New Help Age Debate competition’ (13-15 July/’13).


Observance of National Days:

The14th December Intellectuals Martyr Day, 16th Decemberthe glorious Victory Day, 21st Februarythe International Mother tongue Day, 26th March the glorious Independence Day, and the Bangla New year on 1st Boishakh are observed in this Hall in befitting manner, maintaining proper dignity.

Religious Programs:

The Sir A.F. Rahman hall regularly observes the religious programs such as Sab-e-Barat, Sabe-e Kadr, Eid-E-Milladunnabi etc. in befitting manner, maintaining religious sanctity. Improved quality of food is also supplid to the students on Eid days. During the month of holy Ramadan, special subsidies are provided to the members of Mess Renaissa in order to ensure better quality food for those who are fasting.


Mess and Canteen:

At the initiative of the enthusiastic students, a Mess named Renaissa is run on voluntary basis by the students and with active cooperation of the Hall Administration. The interested resident students of the Hall run the Mess, while the responsible House Tutors provide necessary advice and play a monitoring role. Besides, here is a Canteen run on private/individual initiative. The Hall Authouity also takes care of that. 


Academic Performance:

Like the past, a good number of students of the Hall have achieved scholarly results in their academic life in the year 2012-2013.

Masters (M.A., MSS, MEd, MBA, MFA.) : First Class =23, 2nd Class=53, 3rd Class=03. CGPA above 3.50=19 (M.Ed, & MBA);

Bachelor Degrees (with Hons.) (BA./BSS/BEd/BBA/BFA...): First class=06, 2nd Class=22, 3rd class=02. CGPA above 3.50=34 (BBA, B.Ed.).


Information about Scholarships and stipends:

Board stipend : Talent pool-04 students, General-35 students;

Hall Stipend : 15 students;

Departmental Stipend: Masters-40 students, Bachelor (Hons.)-01 student,

BNCC Stipend :05 students, Rover Scout :06 students;

D.U. (Disable Stipend) :03 students;

Ministry of Education (Disable Stipend): 03 students;

Sena Kalyan Trust:03 students;


Contact Information:

Provost, Sir A.F. Rahman Hall, University of Dhaka

Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

Phone: 880-2-9661900 Ext /4470;/4472

Fax:     880-2-8615583