Head of Office:  Md. Mustafizur Rahman
Designation:  Inspector of Colleges (Acting)

List of the Inspector of Colleges:
1. Mr. A. Rahim 02.04.1951 to 11.10.1953
2. Mr. A. Hena 31.10.1953 to 31.08.1956
3. Mr. S. N. Q. Zulfiqar Ali (Acting) 01.09.1956 to 14.11.1957
4. Mr. A. Munim Chowdhury 15.11.1957 to 01.07.1963
5. Mr. A. H. Talukdar (Acting) 02.07.1963 to 15.12.1963
6. Mr. S. B. Hussain 16.12.1963 to 27.03.1984
7. Mr. A. Z. Sikdar 28.03.1984 to 03.07.1988
8. Mr. Md. Arshad Ali 04.07.1988 to 29.06.2005
9. Dr. Bimal K Guha 30.06.2005 to

List of Constituent Colleges/Institutes


The office of the Inspector of Colleges

The office of the Inspector of Colleges deals with affiliation and disaffiliation of colleges to the University of Dhaka. It provides guidelines and necessary information regarding affiliation and renewal of affiliation of Colleges and Institutes.

A college applying for affiliation shall have to send a formal application in the prescribed form giving full information of the college/Institute to the Inspector of Colleges. It must contain a non-refundable fee as approved by the University authority for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. All such applications must reach the Inspector of Colleges not later than the 15th October, preceding the academic year from which the affiliation sought is to take effect provided the Vice-Chancellor may in special circumstances direct that an application seeking such affiliation received after the aforesaid date be entertained. On receipt of the application in the above manner the Vice-Chancellor shall pass order for local inspection on both the academic and administrative aspects of the institution. The inspection shall be conducted by the Inspector of Colleges or by the Deputy Inspector of Colleges. In case of inspection of a college for granting affiliation in Honours course the Chairman of the Department concerned or his nominee, not below the rank of an Assistant Professor should be associated with the inspection of the College. In other cases, the Vice-Chancellor may appoint Departmental experts to accompany the Inspector of Colleges for the purpose of inspection. The Inspection Committee will make recommendations regarding the affiliation of a college. In case of renewal of affiliation, the committee will report whether the standards in which a college is affiliated to the University is being properly maintained so as to continue to enjoy its affiliation. All colleges affiliated to the University shall be inspected at least once in two years.

The office of the Inspector of Colleges is vested with the responsibilities to see that the colleges/institutes have regularly constituted governing body as per provisions of the Statutes of the University. It also advises the college authority to uphold the quality of education and maintain University Order, Ordinances and Regulations.

At present there are 74 constituent Colleges and Institutes under the University of Dhaka, of which 22 government (* marked) and 52 non-government Colleges and Institutes. Of these Colleges and Institutes 61 impart education in medical sciences: including - Dental, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Homeopathy, Unani and Ayurvedic, 4 in Home Economics and the rest 9 in Engineering and Technology. There are 9 colleges exclusively for women, of which 4 Medical Colleges 1 Dental College and 4 Home Economics Colleges.


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