Head of Office:  Professor Md. Kamal Uddin (PhD)
Designation:  Treasurer

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Message from the Treasurer

For over 91 years, University of Dhaka has been advancing knowledge and transforming lives through high-impact, innovative teaching, research, and outreach initiatives. Our efforts are rooted in a set of core principles: excellence, honor and self-governance, innovation and collaboration in the pursuit of knowledge, leadership for the public good, and a vibrant breadth of academic offerings within and across our faculties. These principles shape how we choose our academic strategies, how we teach our students and prepare them for the future, and how we bring the knowledge, energy, and commitment developed in the University to the benefit of society through service. The Campaign for the University of Dhaka will power our vision of a great 21st century university. We will become a catalyst of positive change, fueled by hope, percolating with ideas, pulsating with the vitality of many cultures. We will be tough and determined, open-minded and optimistic, committed to our students and our community, to excellence and innovation, and to integrity and engagement.

We are ever mindful of the government’s budget challenges and understand that the state cannot spend more money than it has available. As we begin this journey, we must acknowledge the difficult economic circumstances of the present, even as we aspire to embrace the extraordinary opportunities of the future. I realize that achieving and maintaining this balance will be a challenge. But we cannot and must not neglect our responsibilities for today, or compromise our dreams for tomorrow — our dreams for our students, who deserve nothing less than access to a world-class education, and our dreams for a thriving Bangladesh populace, whose well-being is so intricately woven with our own.


Brief Profile:

1. Professional Position:  Professor (October 2010 onwards, Department of International Business), Associate Professor (2005-2010, Department of International Business, DU), Assistant Professor (Dept. of Marketing, DU-2002-2005), Lecturer (Dept. of Marketing, DU-1993-2002)

2. Academic Qualifications:  PhD in Development Economics ( Osaka University, Japan, 2002), M.Econ (Osaka University-1999), M.Com ( 1st Class 1st position, Marketing Dept, DU), B.Com ( 1st class 1st position, Marketing Dept, DU), “Advanced Course on Economics and Quantitative Techniques” (M.Phil Equivalent, BIDS 1993). HSC (Dhaka College)

3. Research and Postgraduate Studies: Title of the PhD thesis “Endogenous Growth Mechanisms and Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries”. Postgraduate Research on  “Japanese Automobile Exports in South Asia”(Kyoto University 1995-1997), and “Rethinking Development Economics” (Cambridge University-2003). European Commission fellow in University of Nice ( France , 2009). Current research interests include Competition and Branding of Information Services (telecommunication, Internet, mobile operators etc.) and International Capital Movements. More than 20 papers written on Economics and Marketing are published in national and international Journals.

4. Administrative and Community Participation: i). Elected Treasurer of Dhaka University Teachers Association (DUTA)-Jan.-Dec, 2012 ii) Elected Member of DU Academic Council- 2010 (Associate Professor category). iii) Member of Dhaka University Proctorial Body (2009 onwards--) iv) House Tutor of Banghabundhu SK. Mojibur Rahman Hall and Seg. Zahurul Hoq Hall (1993-1995, 2002- 2008) v) Secretary (2006-07) and Treasurer (2005-06) of Dhaka University Club, DU vi) Active participant of socio, cultural, political-economic development activities.

5. Scholarships and Awards:Merit scholarships from secondary and higher secondary educational boards, Comilla. University Grants Commission (UGC) Awards for securing highest marks in B.Com (Hons.) Exam (1991) in the Faculty of Business Studies, DU. Japanese Government Scholarship (Monbukagashou) for higher studies in Japan. Best PhD thesis award from Osaka University(2002). Dean’s Awards (Faculty of Business Studies, DU) for best researcher(Assistant Prof. Category-2005).

Appointment and the Responsibilities of the Treasurer.
According to the P.O. order 1973, Article 14.
(1) The Treasurer shall be a whole time salaried officer and shall be appointed by the Chancellor on such terms and conditions as may be determined by the Chancellor.
(2) Where any temporary vacancy in the office of the Treasurer occurs by reason of leave, illness or other cause, the Syndicate shall forthwith report the same to the Chancellor, who shall make such arrangements for carrying on the office of the Treasurer as he may think fit.
(3) The Treasurer shall exercise general supervision over the funds of the University, and shall advise in regard to its financial policy.
(4) He shall, subject to the control of the Syndicate manage the property and investments of the University; and shall be responsible for the presentation of the annual budget estimates and statement of account.
(5) Subject to the powers of the Syndicate, the Treasurer shall be responsible for seeing that all monies are expended on the purpose for which they are granted or allotted.
(6) All contracts shall be signed by the Treasurer on behalf of the University.
(7) He shall exercise such other power as may be prescribed by the Statutes and the University Ordinances.

List of the Treasurers
1. Mr. M. Safiullah - 01.10.1977 - 31.07.1982
2. Mr. Syed Badruddin Hossain (Acting) - 14.08.1982 - 24.08.1982
3. Prof. Dr. M. Ramzan Ali Sarder - 25.08.1982 - 24.08.1986
4. Prof Dr. Abdullah Farouk (Acting) - 30.04.1985 - 07.07.1985 & 01.07.1986 - 31.07.1986
5. Prof. Dr. Abdullah Farouk - 23.09.1986 - 22.09.1991
6. Prof. K. M. Zaker Hossain (Acting) - 01.08.1988 - 30.09.1988
7. Prof. Dr. Shahid Uddin Ahmed - 13.11.1991 - 04.04.1995
8. Prof. Dr. M. Shamsul Haque - 08.04.1995 - 07.04.1999
9. Prof. Md. Shahadat Ali (Acting) -08.04.1999 -31.10.1999
10. Prof. Dr. Abul Hashem - 01.11.1999 - 22.01.2002
11. Prof. Dr. Syed Rashidul Hasan - 22.01.2002 - 21.01.2006
12. Prof. Syed Abul Kalam Azad - 04.02.2006 - 23.01.2009
13. Prof. Dr. Mijanur Rahman - 24.01.2009 - June 2012
14. Professor Dr. Md. Kamal Uddin- June 2012-


Professor Md. Kamal Uddin (PhD, Osaka  University)
University of Dhaka