Co Curricular

Co-curricular activities

The DU Campus Center serves as a unifying force in the campus life of all members of the University community - students, faculty, staff and alumni. Our services and programs are a catalyst for social, cultural,recreational and intellectual growth. The Campus Center, as part of the educational program of DU, serves as a laboratory of citizenship, developing socially responsible leaders essential for democracy. Our goal is to encourage students to seek a level of excellence higher than they ever imagined, in individual social competency as well as group effectiveness. The Campus Center provides the stimulus for realizing potential, hidden or obvious, as individuals maximize their skills, talents and abilities in the achievement of their visions. The student life program, in complement with our academic program, is designed to enhance the total development of our students.

Student Organizations

The University of Dhaka offers a wide range of student-administered programs, activities and services to meet the social, educational, cultural, and recreational needs of the DU community.

Dhaka University Central Student Union (DUCSU) is the student governance body which represents all students in the university. Its primary responsibilities include research, education and action related to campus and academic issues and problems, sponsoring programs of interest and benefit to students, and participation in DU policy making and student services. Through DUCSU the students are able to generate awareness of issues, gain support for changes, and initiate actions to create the desired campus environment.

DUCSU) offers a variety of cultural, educational, recreational and social programs such as dances, movies, excursions and cultural programs for the campus community. Members and volunteers in DUCSU gain valuable experience in planning, coordinating and evaluating events, as well as developing group leadership and project management skills that can be used to enhance job marketability.

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Teachers & Students Centre (TSC)

The Teacher-Student center (TSC) of the University came into being in 1961. It is certainly historically important, known to render service to the student and teacher as well as to other communities of the society with its facilities.

Teacher-Student Centre, the only one of its kind in Bangladesh, is an all-campus activity centre designed for relaxation and guidance. It has its value as community centre unifying the life of the university and serves as a sponsor of self-directed activity in which students learn that they are responsible for the welfare of their university and their country. The Centre seeks to foster a type of campus community life which supplements the formal academic programme of the University.

The Centre brings together under one roof dining rooms and meeting rooms, library and reading rooms, art and music rooms, stage and multipurpose hall, games rooms, etc. These form the social and cultural heart of the campus. Students and faculty members mingle in the cafeteria and the bookstore lounges, sports and recreational areas. Recognized campus organizations hold their meetings and functions, lectures, and arts exhibitions here. Discussion sessions are frequently scheduled, journals and bulletins published, and competitions held, giving the university a varied and interesting programme of cultural and social events. TSC, in the meantime, designated and fixed few dates for some events.


The Dhaka University Rover Scout Group has been playing an important role in Bangladesh Scout Movement and in various discipline related and voluntary activities in the university as well as outside area. Although this group was established in the beginning of the 60s, its full activities started after the investiture ceremony which was held in 1965-66 session. Rovering activities existed only in the Dhaka University in the whole of Pakistan. Rover Md.Ramjul Huq attended in the 11th World Scout Jamboree held in Greece in 1963. Then the participation of four rovers in the 4th Pakistan Scout Jamboree held in 1967 at the Karachi University campus received wide attention and praised by all. The Dhaka University Rover Scout Group undertook a community based program in the Daschira Village of Manikganj in the 70s which was visited by many officials from the World Organization of Scout Movement (WOSM) from its Headquarters, Geneva along with the Bangladesh Scouts Leaders. For last decades, the Dhaka University Rover Scout Group has been participating in various community services and community development activities within the campus and elsewhere. There are five units, including a girl-in-rover unit, in Dhaka University Rover Scout Group. At present there are more than three hundred trained rovers in these five units.

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Rover Den (Office):

Teacher-Student Centre (1st Floor), University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.
Phone: 9661900-73  Ext: 4700
Facebook: Dhaka University Rover Scout Group

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Dhaka University Journalists Association (DUJA)

DUJA is an organization of the students of the University of Dhaka who work as University Correspondents of different newspapers, news agencies and electronic media. Established in 1985, the organization has been contributing to boost the day-to-day activities of the university in the national and international here...

Dhaka University Tourist Society (DUTS)

DUTS, established in 1995, is a voluntary students' organization that aims at creating interest in tourism and involving the students of the university in developing the tourism sector of Bangladesh and also creating social awareness for the same. DUTS organizes tours, national rallies to mark World Tourism Day, youth awareness campaigns, documentary film shows, tourism fairs and festivals, cultural programmes, tourism related workshops etc. It also provides all kinds of information about tour and tourism sector. click here

Dhaka University Film Society (DUFS)

DUFS, a voluntary students' organization of the university, is one of the pioneers of film society movement in Bangladesh. With great success it still holds the reputation of being one of the most active film societies of the country. Considering Films as tools to change the society and with a motto of Better Film, Better Viewers, the Society organizes series of shows of films of national and international repute for students of the University. click here

Dhaka University Photographic Society (DUPS)

DUPS (Dhaka University Photographic Society) was established at 29 August, 1999 with a view to encourage the youth society into the art of photography.
Its mission was not to deal with the professionals but to deal with the passionate ones.
Since then DUPS is producing artisan and master craftsman.
At first DUPS started its activity with only the students of the University of Dhaka, later on its fame spread widely and now people comes from several parts of Bangladesh to join the photography courses arranged by DUPS.
DUPS has participated as well as arranged many local and international exhibitions and photography contests.

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Dhaka University Debating Society (DUDS)

Dhaka University Debating Society (DUDS) started its journey on the first quarter of the last decade of the previous century when democracy just appeared in the country as the new form of government. Through this a long period, DUDS has been able to build a generation who can lead, who can speak and who can represent. Since 1991 Dhaka University Debating Society (DUDS) is the central debate platform in Dhaka University with a view to make the society thinking logically, to encourage the youth into the art of oratory. Its mission is not to deal with the professionals but to deal with the passionate ones. Until today DUDS has created a lot of debaters and still continuing to do so.

During its journey, Dhaka University Debating Society (DUDS) has heartily tried to promote and initiate progressive cultural movement and democratic values through its activities and practices.
DUDS works as a platform for developing leadership qualities. DUDS also believe that debate is essential for political progress and stable democracy what a crying need is today.
Now, Dhaka University Debating Society (DUDS) has not only become the largest cultural organization in the campus but also the pioneer of the debate movement of the country.

It has elected executive Committee consist of 19 members. Existing President of DUDS is G.M.Arifuzzaman and General Secretary Md. Abu Raihan.

BADHAN (A Voluntary Blood Donors’ Organization) DHAKA UNIVERSITY ZONE

Badhan, Dhaka University Zone, is A Voluntary Blood Donors’ Organization which is non political and organized by the students of Dhaka University. The voluntary activities of Badhan have been continuing since 24th October, 1997 from the Shahidullah Hall of Dhaka University through a Free Blood Group Testing Program.
Badhan, Dhaka University Zone, is managed by a committee elected by the members annually. There are 17 hall units & one Institute unit [ILET] under the DU Zone.
We, the members of Badhan, donate blood ourselves and motivate others to donate blood. We believe, one’s blood can save others’ life. We provide fresh blood to the patients and we don’t encourage for freezing of blood. We mainly give priority to the poor and other deserving persons. We always try to see that every capable person voluntarily donates blood to others. We want to make blood donation as a social movement. Our ultimate goals are (a) none should die from lack of blood, (b) every person knows his/her blood group. In order to accomplish the goals, we occasionally organize free blood grouping programs in every year. Other activities include raising awareness about donating fresh blood, donating blood voluntarily for patients and helping poor people in time of natural disasters.
Our Zonal Office address: Badhan, TSC (ground floor), University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000. The office remains open from 6 pm - 9 pm everyday.
Badhan is a Govt. registered organization (Reg. No. Dha-06152).

Contact: President: 01534871267, General Secretary: 01534871268
E-mail address:

Dhaka University Quiz Society (DUQS)

Dhaka University Quiz Society (DUQS) is the central quiz organization for quizzers in Dhaka University. DUQS started its journey on 5 May 2015 with a view to encouraging students studying through quiz. It is the first quiz organization of Bangladesh. From its beginning, students were very eager to practice quiz for gathering knowledge. In fact DUQS is always working for knowledge. Within its short period after establishing, DUQS arranged DUQS-Quiz Fest from 26-28 November 2015 at TSC. It was the most attractive and knowledge sharing event of the year. As a student organization, DUQS is always sincere to work with university.

The Slogan (Motto) of DUQS is- “Thirst for Knowledge Leads to Wisdom.”.
Committee of DUQS:                                        

  • President: Md. Ohidul Islam Rakib
  • General Secretary: Md. Nowsher Ahmed

Visit us at:


About Dhaka University Research Society (DURS)

Dhaka University Research Society (DURS) is the first student based research organization which facilitates the students to be involved in research work in Bangladesh under University of Dhaka. Teachers of Dhaka University are supervising the twenty research teams with their research. Foreign researchers, research scholars of foreign universities, former students of Dhaka University (established in research and development sectors) and research fellows of different research institute of Bangladesh are resource persons of the organization. DURS has more than thousand members divided into 20 research teams. More than fifteen research projects are on the move with 400 young researchers since 2018. It has twenty team research managers & coordinators to look after the research projects & theirs working to develop research work of DURS. This organization consists of members from students of undergraduate (1st to 4th year), Masters, MPhil and PhD researchers of different faculties and institute of Dhaka University. SM Sadeq, MPhil Researcher of Dhaka University is the Convener & founder president of this organization.

Dhaka University Research Society Website: