Faculty Research Interests

Sharmeen Mobin Bhuiyan

Health Economics

Dr. Nasrin Sultana

Costing and Efficiency, Evaluation of Health Care, Maternal, Child and Reproductive Health Care, Healthcare Financing, Budgeting and Planning of Local Level, Equity in Health Care, Family Planning Issues, Food Security and Nutrition, Non-Communicable Diseases, Feasibility Study of Health Projects, National Health Accounts, Public Expenditure Review, Reproductive Health and Nutrition Services

Shafiun Nahin Shimul

Health Economics, Development & Public Economics

Taslima Rahman

Health Economics

Rafia Rahman

Public Health, Health Economics, Nursing

Israt Jahan Kakoly

Health Economics, Labor Economics, Microeconometrics

K.M Nafiz Ifteakhar Tulon

Health Economics, Economics

Farah Ishaq

Econometrics, Macroeconomics, Health Economics, Development Economics, Public Economics

Moriam Khanam

Health Economics

Md. Ragaul Azim

Health Economics, Pharmacoeconomics, Environmental Economics

Dr. Faojia Sultana

Public Health/ Global Health, Health Systems and Policy, Health Economics

Dr. Aninda Nishat Moitry

Public Health

Md. Azhar Uddin

Agricultural Economics, Labor Economics, Health Economics

Afrida Tasnim

Health Economics

Fariha Kadir

Health Economics

Muhammad Ihsan- Ul- Kabir

Health Economics

Refaya Rashmin

Development Economics, Health Economics

Dr. Shamsuddin Ahmad (Retired)

Development Economics, Health Economics, International Trade, Agricultural Economics, Industry, Textiles, Macroeconomics, Labor Economics