Research Area

Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Md. Shafiqul Islam

Nuclear Safety, Nuclear Security, Energy Economics, Energy Conservation, and Energy Policy, Risk Assessement, Public Perception

Engr. Mohammad Monzur Hossain Khan

Gen IV reactor, Radioactive Waste Management, Severe Accident Analysis in Nuclear Power Reactor

Md. Fazlul Huq

Fusion and Plasma.

Md. Hossain Sahadath

Advanced Modeling and Simulation, Nuclear Reactor Fuels and Materials

Md. Mahidul Haque Prodhan

Nuclear Engineering, Biomedical Application of Nuclear Technology, Thermal Hydraulics, Radiation Science, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Particle Separation from Nuclear Waste, Flocculation

Md. Iqbal Hosan

Nuclear Engineering

Md. Faisal Rahman

Embedded Systems, Signal Processing, Nuclear Robotics, Radiation Detection and Shielding, Nuclear Nonproliferation, Nuclear Weapon Control, Safety and Security

Md. Jafor Dewan

Nuclear Engineering

Dr. Animesh Pal

Energy & Environment, Thermal Science & Engineering, Carbon-neutral Energy Technologies, Cooling System, Nuclear Engineering, Radioactive Waste Management

Saad Islam

Time-Dynamic Boltzmann Transport, Computational Modeling, High Performance Computing