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Rasheda Irshad Nasir

Faculty of Social Sciences

Dean of the Faculty

The Faculty of Social Sciences is the most diverse academic unit of the University of Dhaka. This faculty was founded on 2 October 1970 and since then has been homing a wide range of academic disciplines that study human culture, society and politics, and that are theoretically based and empirically well-evidenced.

Imparting interdisciplinary knowledge, skills, and values to students in order to contribute to their academic and professional development is organized into 16 academic departments. The departments are: Economics, Political Science, International Relations, Sociology, Mass Communication and Journalism, Public Administration, Anthropology, Population Sciences, Peace and Conflict Studies, Women and Gender Studies, Development Studies, Television, Film and Photography, Criminology, Communication Disorders, Printing and Publication Studies, and Japanese Studies.

These departments offer an array of courses both in undergraduate and postgraduate programs along with plethora of research opportunities which altogether provides an utmost supportive educational setting while ensuring that students as well as the faculty members reach their full potential.

Faculty of Social Sciences is headed by the Dean who is elected for a term of two years who runs the general activities, admission, finances, and personnel administration in line with university’s policies.